The Best Locations For Tours to Asia for Young Adults

August 31, 2020

When young adults are starting to make their own money, one of the biggest perks is getting the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world. There are plenty of places to explore in Asia, but specific locations and countries are better than others for young adults. Not only will people run into more people their age, but there is more to do at these locations as well.

Below are five ideas for young adults wanting to travel to Asia. Consider these great starting points for those doing initial planning before jumping on a deal online.

Southern Thailand

The country of Thailand has a lot to offer to young adults, and it is near the top of any list for great vacations. Not only do people get the opportunity to see a massive city in Bangkok, but heading down to the Phi Phi Islands is also a fun and exciting opportunity during the right time of year.

Koh Yao Noi Island in Phuket, Thailand

Phi Phi Islands is a fun and exciting opportunity

What makes Thailand a fan favourite for young adults is that it is very inexpensive, but they still cater to tourists. Australians will be able to speak in English and function just fine in all the tourist areas, and even in some of the smaller towns there is English prominently spoken as well. Finally, Thailand is pretty centrally located in Southeast Asia. It is not difficult to get to countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore if a person looks at extended trips.

Only southern Thailand makes the list because this is a pretty big country with activities in the north as well. Unfortunately, those not on unlimited time generally can’t see all part of Thailand in a single trip. Staying on the south edge will allow for easier access to other hotspots in Southeast Asia as well.


Some people may feel like Bali is a bit overdone these days, but it caters to young adults significantly. They are always looking to bring in young people looking for a truly remarkable vacation on an island. Everything on the island is reachable pretty easily, and there is enough to do in Bali itself for a few days in the area.

Bali – a truly remarkable vacation on an island

Most travel tours will include visits to the Gili Islands, Lovina, Canggu, and more. If visitors want to party it up and have a great time in a different country, they can easily do that. If they want a more relaxing spot on the island, there are plenty of areas for that as well.

Bali might have this reputation of being a particular type of vacation spot, but it has grown to the point that visitors can choose their adventure. Not everyone will love being a little isolated while on a tour, but there is a reason why it became so popular in the first place. Young adults particularly will enjoy being around a more youthful crowd overall in all of the hotspot areas.


The great thing about visiting an area like Singapore is that it is easy to get around once there. So many young adults make the mistake of picking spots where they have to drive or even fly to different areas, but Singapore has everything right there.

Singapore has all the entertainment and nightlife young adults can ask for in the area

Singapore has all the entertainment and nightlife young adults can ask for in the area, so that is always a great starting point when in this part of the world. What keeps people coming back is all they offer that is a bit different from the norm. There are urban jungles located in the city, top-ranked shows throughout the year, zoos and expeditions to see animals up close, and so much more. It is incredible how much they have fit into this relatively small area to bring not only tourists, but keep locals happy about this unique part of the world as well.

This is a very modern city that young adults can fully embrace. Some parts of Asia are a bit behind the times, but tech-savvy individuals will love visiting Singapore and not having to miss a beat. They are always making improvements to the city to make it a bit smarter and more modern.

Visiting just Singapore for a getaway makes sense to some, but keep in mind that it is on the southern tip of Malaysia as well. It is pretty easy to get to some of the bigger cities in Malaysia, but it is relatively isolated from everywhere else in Asia. It is also located in a very tropical location, meaning that the summers tend to get pretty hot and rainy. Going during the dry season will enhance the overall experience if outdoor activities are high on the list.


Going on a Vietnam travelling tour is one of the more intriguing vacations young adults can take. There are many different cities to check out in the country, and since the country stretches out so much from north to south, the weather can be significantly different at certain times of the year.

Beach view in Nha Trang, included in Tours offered by Asia Vaacation Group

Nha Trang beaches is going to be the warmest vacation opportunity for many young adults.

Heading to some of the southern beaches, or Ho Chi Minh City, is going to be the warmest vacation opportunity for many. If that is the main focus, there is plenty to see and do in Vietnam. There is also a city across the border in Cambodia called Phnom Penh which is very quick to get to. Those who do not mind breaking up visiting just one country can head over there for some unique history as well. It is the capital, so getting an opportunity to visit two major points in two countries is enticing.

On the east coast of Vietnam is Nha Trang, as well as some interesting inland areas to explore. A lot of people will come here for the beaches as well, but they also have a very prideful culture in this region. They are all about relaxing and making the visitor feel at home, offering some pampering opportunities for people at all times. Not only that, but the food options are unique, and young adults love this part of the trip in general.

Finally, making it up to Hanoi can sometimes feel like an entirely different country. While it is over 1700 kilometres to get to Hanoi from Ho Chi Minh City, some are willing to take the trip by car or bus, while others fly. Once in the area, young adults love the blend of cultures in this unique part of the world. Due to his location, influences are coming from other southeast Asian countries, China, France, and more. Finding local hotspots in different neighbourhoods is always an enjoyable time for shopping and local cuisine.


The hustle and bustle of big cities is also something that young adults might appreciate more than others. Older travellers in those with families might want a more relaxed type of vacation, but there is something energetic about exploring Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and others.

Once in Japan, there are so many different activities to choose from depending on what a person enjoys most. Major Japanese cities are very different compared to the big cities in Australia, and most people are surprised just how efficient people are with everything. From moving around the city to keeping everything as clean as possible, it is a surprisingly stress-free vacation spot for many.

Japan might be very small and seemingly filled with way too much going on, but there are some more laid-back locations as well. In between some of the big cities are some amazing outside views for people to take in. The good news is that a person does not have to travel too far outside of the cities to get a sense of the entire country.

Travelling around Japan is very efficient as well, so there is no problem getting to see so many different spots on one trip. Japan is one of those parts of Asia that is fine to go to during all parts of the year and still have something to do. It might be a little colder at the beginning of the new year, but some people like doing winter activities in a different country.

Japan has always been a hub for starting trends and being forward-thinking in general. Most young adults embrace this culture right away, and they feed off the energy in the bigger cities. The language barrier might be a little tough in smaller towns, but big cities have plenty of English speakers to make it comfortable.

General travelling tips for young adults

It can be overwhelming booking a tour without the assistance of anyone else for the first time. To simplify the process, keep in mind some of these tips to enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Start planning early

Last-minute excursions are always enjoyable to a certain degree, but they are usually not the most affordable. On occasion, people might get lucky, but the majority of people will be better off planning. Do not be someone putting off the planning process too much.

Planning early not only allows for better deals, but it will enable people to find the right time of year to visit. Specific locations in Asia are miserable weatherwise during summer months, so waiting for better weather is the best way to go.

Bigger groups mean more significant savings

Some young adults want to travel with a select few friends, or even their significant other only. For those who want to be a bit more social, travelling in large groups is going to make it the most affordable. This is good news for young adults who might not have the type of savings that other people have, and therefore it becomes a little shaky.

Leave room for surprise activities

Planning is still a smart move, but part of the planning process is giving enough time for spur the moment activities as well. No one knows exactly what they might get into or become interested in when they arrive in a different country, so have open time available.

Do not try to see all of Asia in one trip

A common mistake many Australians make when visiting Asia for the first time is trying to hit up every country in one trip. This is a different type of trip compared to visitors heading to Australia. Asia is very spread out, and even getting from some countries to the one next-door can take several hours by plane.

It is recommended to stick with a few destinations at first and then allow ample time at these locations to enjoy as much as possible. Some people have the luxury of going on Asia tours that can last up to a month, and that gives enough time to see different areas. Still, even in a month, there is a lot to come back and see in Asia.

Are tours to Asia for young adults ultimately worth it?

Ready to see what the world has to offer? Young adults can find plenty to see and do without having to travel halfway around the globe. A lot of Australians fall in love with the variety of travel options available to them at pretty low prices overall. Not only are a lot of countries cheap to travel around in, but flight prices are less expensive to Asia than Europe or America.

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