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way back in 2015

The name Asia Vacation Group had been initially intended for its desire to bring Australians to explore the beautiful landscapes of Asia after the founder David Dao had just returned his home from long discovery trips.

Inspired by a passionate love for travel and the imperfect things in places he’s gone through motivated him to set out on a mission for comprehensive travel services.

Plus his sincerity and intense belief, he quickly made the dream come true when running Asia Vacation Group to emerge as one of the leading all-in-one tour operators and having a great network of partners across multiple continents.

A member of IATA
(International Air Transport Association)
with agent code 02365322

We are here
a true tour  

as an Asia Package Specialist from start to now, but we are more proud to be a trusted resource that has helped hundreds of thousands of Aussies better enjoy their vacations across Australia domestic for the past several years.

Since 2015, we’ve launched incredible tourism packages, pioneered ethical & environmentally products, brought many new destinations that the limit are no longer in Asia like its original name, but on the top of our priority, our mission has never changed.

What else do you benefit from our services

Safe & Trustworthy Services

Asia Vacation Group is a member of IATA. With over 750 suppliers and over 1,000 travel groups, specially even we feel more motivated when thousands of customers are satisfied with our service yearly.

Buy Tours At Root, We Are An All-In-One Travel Operator

Do you want tours directly from who built it? That's fine, you are definitely here in the right place. We love to travel and are passionate about creating unique experiences by ourselves and run all operations from the first contact, through the duration of your stay, and until you are safely home again, our focus is to ensure you have no problems during the trip.

7-day Money Back & 100% Departure Guarantee

We give out a full refund if you change your mind on any of our premium tours following purchase. Planning a holiday should not be stressful. Your trip is your dream, we know that. So we will deliver regardless of how small or big your tour group size may be. You will always feel confident that your dream holiday is in safe hands.

My friend subscribes but hasn't purchased. Can I still refer them?

Yes, you can refer anyone who has never purchased with Asia Vacation Group

Do my credits expire?

Yes. Referral credits expire 12 months from issue.

Customize Your Trip

Make your vacation memorable. Reach out to our Authentic Asia travel experts. The plenty of vacation styles provide you with luxury or simple accommodation, experiencing the great outdoors, wildlife discovery or whatever you have a particular passion for. We’re here to help you dream and plan your perfect trip.

Help you with visas, booking flights, insurance

We work with most all international airlines and frequently offers the most competitive fares. In case, you have any difficulties with how to get visas, unsure what types of insurance are needed for trips. We are here to help to give a range of essential travel services. Give us a call and you will see everything at easy reach.

When are my payments due?

Payment terms are outlined in the Fine Print of each deal page and are agreed upon at time of booking. All packages will have a deposit due, followed by a second installment and a final payment with exceptions across packages. The due date of each scheduled payment will be outlined on your invoice.

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your vacation

Make your vacation memorable. Reach out to our Authentic Asia travel experts. We're here to help you dream and plan your perfect trip.