This Privacy Policy set out to clarify our obligations and responsibilities to secure your personal information when making reservations with our travel agency. We are firmly committed to respecting the confidentiality of our customer’s communications and will not use your privacy for any purposes other than fulfilling the requested services and products. By providing personal information to us, you are regarded as consenting to our Privacy Policy. We would like to take photos during our package tours for use in marketing purposes unless you are discontent, we are entitled to public those photographs/videos on our social media. How we collect your personal information Generally, all information we collect from our customers is needed to facilitate travel arrangements, reservations and service related fulfilment. We will require personal information directly from you when you:
  • Make a booking/ reservation
  • Send us email
  • Contact us via phone
  • Subscribe to our newsletters
  • Complete survey
  • Provide us with feedbacks
Please be aware that in several circumstances, it might be necessary for us to collect personal information from the third parties. This mostly applies when a person is making a reservation on your behalf (i.e. family tours, or group bookings). If happens, we will assume that you have consented to have your personal information collected. Hence, we will have full rights to handle the information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. In case you are the one who provides us with personal information of other travellers in your group (i.e. family members, friends…) please ask for their permissions and ensure they are aware of this Policy and any privacy notices we provide you. How we use your Personal Information The purposes for which we use your personal information are disclosed to the following types of third parties:
  • Travel services providers (tour operators, airlines, hotels, car rental companies)
  • A person on your behalf making your booking
  • Business lines or related bodies corporate
They are our trusted third parties. The supply of information is only to ensure your bookings and arrangements successfully and confirmed. Those third parties will only have access to your personal information needed to perform the relevant services and we do not use that information for trade or any other purposes. All your personal information is protected by a confidential agreement when being released to third-parties. Registered Members and Newsletters If you sign up for our newsletter(s), we promise to only send you the ones that are requested by you. We ask you to supply your interests so that we can send you relevant contents. Several advantages once becoming our member including:
  • Quickly complete package reservation
  • Easy to contact in case of emergency
  • Update regularly and soonest new special offers, newest brochure, lastest travel features as well as prepare-to-launch tours.
Please be noted that we only send these documents to the customers who register with our travel agency.

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