Best Vacation Spots in Asia

Apr 13, 2020

Asia is a continent that has something for everyone. From some of the biggest metro areas in the world, to secluded islands, visitors can find exactly the type of vacation that fits their needs.
For Australians, it is one of the most accessible parts of the world to visit. While the majority of travellers from Australia feel awful, after looking at the price to visit Europe, the United States and other faraway destinations, a great vacation is much closer in Asia.

Asia – the best place for vacation

Where are the best vacation spots in Asia? For most people looking at travelling tours, it comes down to picking a country or countries, and then exploring all that those countries offer. Below are the best countries for a vacation in Asia right now. Not only are they all great spots, but they also provide the best value from a price perspective.


Tam coc cave, Vietnam, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

The beauty of Vietnam

Why Vietnam?

Vietnam pops up on a lot of lists for best Asian countries to visit, and the more exploring people do, the more they realize why. For starters, Vietnam is a cheap country, even by Southeast Asian standards. Australians find it very affordable to book a tour and spend a few days in the country.
Of course, travelling to a very affordable place makes no sense if there’s nothing to see. Fortunately, there is an excellent blend of nature, history, culture and food to discover. The country is big enough that there are mountain ranges to explore in the north, and coastlines up and down the country. It is a very proud country, happy to gain recognition for anything positive worldwide.
Travellers from all parts of the world feel welcomed in Vietnam as well. It is one of the friendliest countries for people to visit, and Australians are finding it easier than ever to communicate, thanks to schools stressing English as a second language. It always helps to know a few phrases for essential communication, but finding an English-speaking resident is not entirely complicated.

Top cities in Vietnam

Hoi An

There are a lot of unique places in Vietnam, but Hoi An is just about a perfect location for tourists. A lot of it comes down to the well-preserved look of a traditional Southeast Asian trading port from centuries ago.
Any traveller to the country should know that the city is remarkably well-preserved after surviving the American War with relatively little damage. If not for some critical changes to the city, it very well could be in a different space right now. It was a major trading port until the Thu Bon River closed up. It not only preserved the older look of the city, but enemies viewed it as a non-threat during the war.
Australians will find some similarities between the city and other smaller coastal cities in Australia. They are very eager to be friendly towards visitors, teaching them some of the basics of the culture, and helping out as much as possible. In just a matter of minutes, a person can prepare for a cooking class, a tour of the city on bike, and anything else.
Out of all regions in Vietnam, Hoi An has the driest location. This is particularly true in May, June, and July. It may not match up with the rest of a tour with patterns, but it is nice to know that there will be one area with excellent weather.
Food is something that plays a massive role in the city. It has some traditional Vietnamese cuisine that popularized in other regions, but also a unique take on things as well. It’s always worth trying unique tastes to the area, and some of that includes trying out cau lao, local street barbecue, fermented shrimp dipping sauce, and more.


Old Quarter – the liveliest area of Hanoi 

The capital of Vietnam is where a lot of tourists will fly into when first arriving in Vietnam. It is a pretty big city, with a metro population of over 16 million, but there are enough pockets in the town to make it feel not as large.
Japan occupied the city during wars taking place between the 1940s and 1970s. Since then, it has been the capital of reunified Vietnam. Despite its connection to multiple wars, it has a strong reputation as being one of the most peaceful large cities in the world. It’s just one reason why it has completely reinvented itself as a robust tourist destination for people around the world.

Old Quarter

Perhaps the liveliest area of Hanoi is the Old Quarter, which is made up of around 40 streets for people to walk around and experience everything in a pretty small space. Food options are plentiful. It’s a great place to buy clothing, souvenirs and more. Some just go for the people watching. It’s always fairly busy, but especially when the weather is beautiful.
Historically speaking, there’s a lot to see and do that just isn’t easy to find elsewhere in the country. Instead of having to rely on transportation, a lot of the city is very walkable to take in a mixture of historical landmarks, natural beauty, restaurants and shops unique to the area, and more.
Ideally, travellers should be looking for a tour option that allows for at least two days in the area. One day needs to be used to try discovering as many things as possible within the city limits. A little more exploration as possible during the second day, if that’s what a person wants. Not only is the city beautiful, but there’s plenty close to the city limits worth exploring.

Ho Chi Minh City

Sai Gon dame church, Vietnam, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon.

The city, formally known as Saigon, is now the largest metro area in Vietnam. Including so many tourists throughout the year makes things even a bit more hectic. Since it is the former capital of the Republic of Vietnam, there’s a lot of history in the city to explore.

Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels are popular destinations because it’s a blend between educational, and just downright scary. Some people can’t handle the claustrophobia that goes with stepping foot into these underground tunnels, but they tell a unique story near and dear to the country.
A lot of the prominent Vietnamese cities take their food seriously, but Ho Chi Minh City might take it to another level. They particularly stress just how good the photo and pork rolls are in the city. Travellers can be the judge of the different options throughout the country, but it’s a must for anyone who enjoys these foods back home.

Pearl of the Forest

It truly lives up to its name as the Pearl of the Forest. It’s overwhelming to see so many things in a short amount of time, which is why many recommend looking for multiple-day stops here. There is also a bit of a go, go, go attitude in the city, which might rub people the wrong way, if they are looking for a more laid-back vacation. It should be understood by visitors though, as Ho Chi Minh City is going through a bit of an evolution right now in ushering in a new era as more technologically advanced, built for the future City.


Angkor Wat, a national symbol of the Cambodia

Why Cambodia?

With around 15 million people living in the country, Cambodia often gets overlooked as a travel destination. Very few Australians simply go to Cambodia on vacation without including it with other countries, so with a few options to choose from, pick a few related countries as well.
History and nature are the two most significant drawing points to Cambodia as a country. People love the fact that they can see so much in an underrated part of the world. The shape of the country makes it reasonably easy to get around, which is perfect for people who want to see a little bit of everything.
Angkor Wat, a national symbol of the country in the eyes of many, is sometimes a blessing and a curse. It makes every travel list, including this one, but it also makes some people feel like it is the only attraction in the country. There is so much more to see and do, particularly in the three locations.

Top cities in Cambodia

Siem Reap

Siem Reap leads Cambodia in tourists every single year. The city has plenty to explore for days if a tour allows travellers to take their time.

Angkor Wat

Let’s start with the obvious. The city of Siem Reap is home to Angkor Wat, which is the largest religious monument in the world. When people think of Cambodia, this is the symbol of the entire country. It dates back to the 12th century and brings in millions of visitors each year.
Angkor is included in Cambodia tours offered by Asia Vacation Group.

Angkor at sunrise – Siem Reap Cambodia

There are a lot of different temples to explore in the area, meaning the people who are really into it, should spend at least two days locally. Many Cambodia Tours will offer extended stays for people who want to check everything out.
Since the area has built up so much over the years, it has turned into something more than just a temple hotbed. There are museums and national parks for additional learning, in a unique part of the world. There are artefacts and pieces of information available in these museums, which are unavailable anywhere else.

Circus, Markets, and More

Entertainment has also really bloomed in the last few years. They have a highly-rated circus that brings in a growing amount of people each year. There are also a few different markets that offered various products and food items, and short exploration trips to other parts of the city and surrounding areas.
Independence Monument is included in Cambodia tours offered by Asia Vacation Group.

Independence monument – Phnom penh

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the largest city in the country, where the majority of tours will fly into, meaning that everyone will get a chance to explore the city at some point. It is a traditional French-built city, bringing in tourists who appreciate historical architecture as well as attractions for all different interests.

The National Museum of Cambodia

This river city is home to one of the most impressive museums in the country, the National Museum of Cambodia. This is where people can learn about the extensive history of the country, see artifacts and images from the past and more.
They also have numerous other museums and historical sites for people to learn plenty. For entertainment, it’s the hub of Sri Lanka. From theatre shows to comedy, it’s a great area to get an authentic look at Cambodia in general.

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center

Like most of Sri Lanka, there is some places close by for animal lovers to see some of the unique breeds native to the country. The Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center is the best known in the area, allowing for interaction and feeding opportunities found nowhere else.


Vientiane city is included in Laos tours offered by Asia Vacation Group.

Laos – the mixture of Indian and Chinese cultures

Why Visit Laos?

The cookies later label Laos is that it is a mixture of Indian and Chinese cultures. It isn’t always the first pick for travellers to Asia, but this landlocked country is an excellent option for people looking to experience something new and exciting in their itinerary. Many people leave shocked that the country has so much to offer, and the affordability is there as well.
Laos appeals explicitly to people who have an adventurous side. There is a lot of natural beauty in the country, easy to explore. For people who strictly like to visit cities, it might not be the best country to pick, but there are some spots around for that as well.
Finally, that it is one of the best countries in the world to interact with, and observe different ethnic minorities. There are over 130 different tribes in the country, and they all do things a bit differently with life. It opens up the eyes of a lot of people to see how the world operates for different types of people.

Top cities in Laos

Luang Prabang

There are a lot of unique things to take in around Luang Prabang. The Buddhist temples nearby are a huge part of the appeal, as visitors can catch monks heading to one of them while visiting.
Backpacking is also very popular in the area. It has long been considered a way to escape strictly city tour stops and get outside in a secluded area.

A Romantic Destination

The city is relatively small, but tourists have labelled it as one of the most charming cities in Southeast Asia, as well as a romantic destination for people who want to experience something different. Why is it so romantic? It has a certain beauty to it naturally, that allows everyone to feel very comfortable.
Even though it is growing in popularity, there is still a very intimate feeling when browsing the different parts of the city. When looking at Asian tours, it’s usually at the beginning or end of a lot of them. It takes a while to get to when travelling, so keep that in mind if it’s a day excursion.


On the Mekong River is a beautiful city called Vientiane, which has turned into a hot tourist destination in Laos. A place known around the world as a place to buy silk, there is much more to the city these days that keep visitors intrigued.

Pha That Luang

When people visit for the first time, they know they have to check out the Buddhist stupa, Pha That Luang. It stands just under 50 meters tall, and legend has it that it contains relics of Buddha.

Wat Si Muang
Another interesting part of the city is Wat Si Muang, a Buddhist temple with some very unique architecture. Most people tend to have a lot of fun using this area when taking in the different cities in Laos. Being right on the border of Thailand allows for easy access to that country as well.

Vang Vieng

The cool thing about all three of these cities, is that they lineup pretty close together for visitors to have a chance to see them all. Vang Vieng is between the first two cities, offering a unique inland setting highlighted by limestone karst hills. The hills are amazing to see up close, and it sets the tone for the vibe around the city.
There’s history here for sure, but most tourists will be coming to enjoy the outdoors. Kayaking is very popular in the region, as well as tubing on the Nam Song River. Backpackers like the challenge of hiking the hills and seeing all the different caves in the area. All in all, it makes for a fun day or two if time allows.


Japan – one of the safest countries in the world

Why visit Japan?

Japan is one of those countries that seemingly has it all for the traveller. Those who enjoy seeing ancient history in person will find many spots to check out. If big cities and living a modern lifestyle is more of the target, Japan has all of that and more as well. The best part is since Japan is relatively small, it’s easy to get to different locations in the country without having to take a lot of time.
Japan has a reputation as being one of the safest countries in the world, even for solo travellers. Australians have been making this one of the most popular destinations for travellers for quite some time.
Most tours tend to focus on the major cities, but there are always opportunities to branch off a bit and explore other areas as well. Japan makes travel within the country pretty easy for tourists, so there are limited amounts of wasted time.

Top cities in Japan


No trip to Tokyo is complete without a stop in Tokyo. The largest city in Japan is one of the most exciting cities to take in around the world. It might seem overwhelming and impossible to pick a place to start, but a lot comes down to what a person enjoys.
For those looking for a more traditional experience and learning about history, checking out all the shrines and temples around certainly help. Shrines use for Buddhist and Shinto practices are generally open to the public, allowing people to get a taste of what makes these so special.

Sesoji Shrine

The Sesoji Shrine is always a popular one, as it is the oldest shrine in all of Tokyo. A traveller doesn’t have to go too far before they run into a new one that might capture their attention.


Tokyo does modern very well also. They are a world leader in technology as well as fashion. The Akihabara region has exploded recently as a great shopping area to buy all the latest tech gear or innovations. Things get pricey in a hurry, so be prepared.
The city feels packed in so many ways, but they still find ways to have some green spaces in the city. When there are green spaces in the spring, planted cherry and plum blossom trees shine. The flowers don’t last too long, but planning a trip to Japan in the spring could pay huge dividends if they are blooming.

Mount Fuji

Finally, Tokyo isn’t too far away from Mount Fuji, which is considered by many to be the top natural tourist destination in all of Japan. It’s so close that it is viewable from Tokyo on clear days.
Mount Fuji is included in Japan tours offered by Asia Vacation Group.

Mount Fuji in autumn


The former capital of Kyoto doesn’t get the same type of recognition as some other cities in Japan. Still, the majority of people who travel there are simply blown away with what they discover. This is an excellent place for anyone who is into history, natural beauty, and learning more about Japanese culture.

Higashiyama, and other Buddhist temples

There are right around 1600 historic Buddhist temples in Kyoto, with the most famous district being Higashiyama. This is where people will find some amazing temples that are amongst the oldest in the country. There are also shrines nearby and scattered throughout the city that helps people piece together history.
For those who appreciate nature, the city is full of gardens for people to relax and take in the fantastic scenery. It shocks many just how beautiful the city is, and how much effort they put into keeping it looking great at all times.
Kyoto doesn’t take a lot of time to explore, but it’s worth going out of the way a bit to see everything. The big cities in Japan can be pretty stressful at times, but there is a more laid-back atmosphere here.


Tokyo gets all the publicity for being a huge city, but Osaka is quite big itself. A lot of people love trying new foods in the city upon arrival, as they have some unique takes on all types of options.
If food is not enough to visit, many prefer to shop here instead of Tokyo. It’s not quite as hectic, prices are sometimes a little bit better, and many of the shopping areas of centrally located.
Osaka isn’t a glamour city, and most of the locals seem to like it that way. The substantial damage hit the coast during World War II, and the rebuild never really stressed a beautiful look. Osaka might not be top in the list for Australians to visit, but many will usually gain respect once they land.


Bangkok Wat Phra Kaew, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

Thailand – best values from a price perspective

Why visit Thailand?

Thailand consistently ranks as one of the cheapest places to travel to for Australians. It’s easy to get to, one of the best values from a price perspective, and the prime weather months are mostly opposite of Australian climate.
Many who have never visited Thailand are surprised to hear that there is plenty of nightlife to enjoy as well. Australians can get themselves into a lot of party fun, leading to crazy nights. Drinking and partying until late is very cheap as well. It has turned into a place for adults to get away from the daily grind in Australia.
Thailand has plenty of coastlines, allowing people to make the most of the hot weather throughout the year. While plenty of people are just fine with laying on the beach or having a traditional type of day in the sun, diving has turned into a huge calling card for Thailand. There are diving opportunities up and down the coast, and with plenty of unique life in the ocean, it’s a chance to see something different.

Top cities in Thailand


As the most well-known city in Thailand, anyone who is visiting from Australia will make an effort to check everything out. It’s been a famous tourist spot for decades now, and the city is big enough that there is a unique blend of historical tradition and modern life.
Fans of architecture love just how many standout places are around the city. What makes Bangkok unique is that there is a ton of historic architecture, but some new buildings as well that are catching the attention of visitors. From the robot building to the elephant tower, there are odd pieces of architecture as well.
Some vacationers are looking for ultimate relaxation when going on a tour. Bangkok has some of the best self-care options for people who want to do exactly that. From time massages to spas, there are a lot of different ways to relax and unwind.


A trip to the most famous island in Thailand is a dream come true for some. The entire area is catered to the tourist now, but that doesn’t mean it’s over-commercialized. There are still plenty of natural spots to check out such as the many waterfalls and vistas, limestone cliffs, paths for any type of activity, and more.
History is also embraced on the island, as there are a few temples worth exploring that date back to a much different time. In all, each Buddhist temple is very colourful on the island, and completes the area in a lot of ways.

Old Phuket Town

Away from the water a bit is Old Phuket Town. This area is mostly a combination of colonial and Chinese architecture. It’s also the best area to get a good sampling of the different foods available.

Phi Phi Islands

A trip to the island isn’t complete without visiting the Phi Phi islands that are pretty close by. They have some fantastic beaches, turquoise water, and an overall exotic feel found in very few places around the world.

Chiang Mai

It might not get the hype of the other two cities on his list, but Chiang Mai is worth making a priority. For those who enjoy exploring very walkable cities, this might be the best one in Thailand right now. It’s still large with about 1 million people living in the city, but everything is pretty compact for those who don’t want to pay a lot for transportation.

Wat Mahathat Temple in Ayutthaya, Thailand Thailand

Thailand temples – a proud of the past

Hundred of Temples

The city certainly hasn’t forgotten its roots, as there are plenty of historical and cultural attractions to check out. There are about 300 temples in the area, and although the city has embraced modernization, they are very proud of the past. A lot of the most amazing sites in the city remain untouched from centuries ago.
Weather in Thailand is always a concern, but Chiang Mai is pretty high up from an elevation perspective. That means it’s not quite as hot or humid as some of the other cities in Thailand. A few degrees can make a pretty huge difference.
One limiting thing with the city is that it’s not the most convenient one coming from other parts of Thailand. Those who do make it will understand that the natural beauty the city possesses is worth the track.


The glamorous side of China in the biggest cities

Why Visit China?

As the largest country in Asia, a trip to China is not a case of if, but when. Australians have long taken trips to the country and explored some of the biggest cities and regions they have to offer. Depending on what part of the country a person is in, it can feel like a different world. That’s a testament to how big China is, as well as the economic differences.
The glamorous side of China will be in the biggest cities, and that’s about it. What some are very flabbergasted about is just how underdeveloped so many different places in China happen to be. It makes some of the areas off-limits simply because it’s not safe enough for the average traveller, or it’s nearly impossible to get to in a timely fashion.
Another cause for concern with some travellers to China is the current political climate. It’s advised by many people to just refrain from discussing politics when in a different country, and everything will be fine. The residents in China are not necessarily looking for any type of arguments or debates, and they understand just how much power the government has over them. When in doubt, just stay quiet, and enjoy the trip to remain unbothered.
Once people get past some of the negatives, they realize that there are many positives to a China trip. Want to see beautiful landscapes unmatched anywhere else in the world? China has the variety. Interested in trying brand new foods? This isn’t the same Chinese Australians are used to back home. Authentic Chinese food is much more filling, and full of taste. Want a mix of historical and modern architecture? China has that too.
Make sure when planning a trip to China, that it doesn’t take any shortcuts as far as time is concerned. If the goal is to visit a few cities in one trip, there needs to be an adequate amount of days. Otherwise, there will be severe burn out when making the sometimes long tracks between one area to another.
In nearly every pocket of the country, there are a few areas worth checking out. These three need to be on the list at some point.

Top cities in China


It is hard to find a reason not to make it to Shanghai. No matter what a person is into, there is something to see and explore that make the city a true standout not only in Asia, but the world.

Oriental Paris

Affectionately referred to as the Oriental Paris, there is culture, history, natural beauty, and more. It also has one of the most impressive skylines in the world. There are new skyscrapers under construction all the time, making it a global business power.
It might be the best city that blends Eastern and Western cultures in the world. For Australians, it might not always seem that way, but Chinese people notice a difference here compared to the rest of the country.

Travelling to Suzhou or Hangzhou Quickly

A bonus when visiting Shanghai is just how easy it is to get to Suzhou and Hangzhou by using a bullet train. This opens up even more opportunities within that region, allowing for people not to get bored even if they are spending days in relatively the same location. Shanghai doesn’t have to be part of the very first trip, but at some point, every Australian should make it to the city.


This is the first city everyone thinks of when visiting China and it’s pretty easy to see why. It’s a huge metropolitan area with travellers coming in from all corners of the globe. The majority of them are drawn in for one of the two reasons.

The Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China

Visiting The Forbidden City and The Great Wall of China? Each one of those destinations brings in millions of visitors each year, and it’s not slowing down at all.
Prepare to do more than just the traditional tourist stuff, renting bikes and riding through the whole city allows people to experience the more conventional side of Beijing. It’s also a great way to get some exercise and even come in contact with locals. Beijing is the city that is most likely to have at least one English speaker close by, so there’s no need to know Chinese well at all.


If people make it to Shanghai and Beijing first, they won’t know what to expect when arriving in Lhasa. The city is a long distance away from either of those vast metropolitan areas, and everything about the city is different as well. This is the capital of Tibet, and one of the most beautiful locations in all the Himalayas.

Potala and Jokhang Palace

Tours don’t always offer Lhasa as a stop, so if exploring this part of China is important, check beforehand. The Potala and Jokhang Palace are the most stunning of them all, but there is plenty to see and take in around the area as well. It’s a living, breathing history lesson in a lot of ways for visitors. Most people around the world do not particularly know the Tibetan culture, so it expands the mind.
While not particularly close to some of the significant China hotspots, travel tours that focus on visits to India and Sri Lanka occasionally include it. Make sure to look around and see what the best deals currently are.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Why Visit Sri Lanka?

Even though it’s a tiny country just off the southeast tip of India, most travellers have heard a lot of great things about Sri Lanka. While some tourist destinations can play up just how great they are, the word is entirely accurate with Sri Lanka. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Asia, especially for those who want a tropical climate with plenty of beaches.
Many refer to it as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, each year it has seen an increase in tourists. They don’t want only to do their own thing when they arrive either. It’s a country that encourages people to immerse themselves in the local culture fully, and people end up having a lot of fun doing it.
Despite it being such a small country, it’s essential to know the different climates for the north and the south. The north experiences a rainy season from October to January. For the south, it rains a lot, thanks to monsoons between May and July. That does leave a few months for people to go if they want to experience the entire island.
Australian visitors will appreciate the fact that the streets of Sri Lanka have a lot of unique animals to their country. They put a lot of time and effort into making sure that the rare and endangered species are well taken care of, which does limit how many animals a traveller can see up close and personal. Still, there are close to 30 national parks in the country, and two marine parks. There are plenty of short tours for people who hope to see a leopard on land, or sea turtle near the ocean while visiting.
It’s a little more expensive visit than India, but still pretty cheap for travellers used to going to other parts of the world. Australians don’t need to break the bank to see all that Sri Lanka brings to the table.

Top cities in Sri Lanka


This city is the perfect blend of big enough to keep any traveller satisfied, but still small so that it never feels too crowded. There is just about everything a person could ask for in the city, with opportunities to check out numerous temples during the day, visit the beaches and live a tremendous coastal life in general.
Right on the southwest corner of the country, the city dates back to the 16th century. A lot of architecture still exist from that era, and it still has more of a throwback type of feel to it that travellers enjoy.
While all types of water activities are popular here, surfing is what seems to be taking off with locals and visitors. Some people getting lessons for the first time, to professionals looking for a new challenge, this is an unbelievable area to catch a wave. Since the best waves come in a little bit differently than other hotspot surfing locations in Australia, it’s worth checking out.


The capital is the first thing that most people on vacation tours from Australia see for the first time. They have built up the city to make it very welcoming for people to feel great about their choice of vacation. It’s located north of the coastline from Galle, meaning that the weather is different enough that it usually is decent in one location 12 months out of the year.
Colombo is also a perfect starting point for people who want to see the entire country instead of just one particular area. Going in and out of Galle is the fast way to do it, but people usually become frustrated that they’ve missed out.

Galle Face Green

Right in the heart of the city, Galle Face Green is a beautiful urban park everyone enjoys. There’s so much to see and do without ever having to leave the heart of the city. A packed city and the busy park keep the energy up. Unlike some huge parks scattered throughout the world, almost everyone is amicable here as well.

Gangaramaya Temples

The Gangaramaya Temples also offer a very prominent spot for visitors to check out. There are a few temples that have the style of architecture, which is a combination of several different Asian countries.
Some Asian cities can feel very closed off due to prominent ethnic or religious groups. Colombo is a shining example of a very mixed part of Asia, which is another reason why so many people love travelling here. There won’t be as many weird stares if a visitor doesn’t match a particular look or skin type.



Taj Mahal, India

Why Visit India?

After China, India is the second-most populated country in the world. It’s still developing as a country, which means it would likely become an even better tourist destination that it is now. There are still plenty of reasons to go, and affordability is tough to beat.
More than a few people take advantage of visiting India by exploring spirituality and refreshing their mind and soul as much as possible. India is big on yoga, meditation, and other natural calming techniques. Just taking in the atmosphere is something that can prove to be tremendously calming for people used to cities that are insanely busy all the time.
That’s not to say India does not have its fair share of busy cities. Mumbai and Delhi are huge and growing at a pretty fast rate. While plenty of people visit these two cities as part of a tour, it’s far from the only highlights in the country.
India remains one of the best values right now, but be prepared to step back a bit in time as far as technology goes. Some of the major cities have started catching up, but it’s hard to stay connected online in many parts of India. Some simple conveniences are also lacking at times, which catch people by surprise.
Which of the big cities is worth visiting most? A lot of it depends on what a person likes, but there is a consensus amongst most travellers. Here’s a look at that top major city, and other locations worth investigating.

Top Cities in India


In the northern part of India is the huge metropolitan area of Delhi. Visiting big cities in any country is a pretty big deal, but perhaps the biggest draw to Delhi for Australians is something that does not even exist in the city.

Taj Mahal

The undeniable draw to the city is the Taj Mahal, which is one of the most recognizable tourist destinations in the entire world. Millions and millions of people visit every single year to take in this amazing piece of architecture, but then they realize just how much more is available as well.
Even though the Taj Mahal is associated with the city, the location is in Agra. The most popular tourist destinations actually within Delhi include the Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb and Qutb Complex.
What gives Delhi the edge over Mumbai, is its access to a gateway to so many other great spots in India. Those people on tours can easily see plenty of other tourist spots without having to travel too much within.


One thing to be aware of right now is that north of Delhi is Kashmir, which used to be a lovely spot for people to check out when on tour. Due to everything going on in that area right now politically, travel agents advise staying away until further notice.


Southwest of Delhi is the city of Jaipur, which is very well-known for its tourist attractions. It is the capital of India’s Rajasthan State and has a lot of royal ties because of it. People who are into that type of history will certainly enjoy visiting, but the city is also fully embracing a push to modernize certain parts as well.
Visitors love having the opportunity to immerse themselves into the culture as soon as they step into the city. There are cooking courses, Bollywood dance classes, bike tours, safari tours and more. For some excellent old-fashion shopping, that’s available as well. It has all the amenities of some of the biggest cities in the country, just a little more laid-back.
The signature pink colour of many of the buildings makes this city different and intriguing to most. It is a chance to get up close and personal with some of the historic pieces of architecture sometimes glossed over in history.
Even though the three cities form a bit of a triangle, Agra is always closely associated with Delhi. But the majority of people who visit for the Taj Mahal will see both of those cities. They might, however, gloss over Jaipur and not realize what they did until it’s too late.


This is a pretty polarizing recommendation, so do keep that in mind before booking a tour. It’s a great place to visit for a day if possible. Some people want to see just what a city like this is like in person. Others simply feel like it might be a waste of time on a tour that only has limited days.

Spiritual Capital of the Country

It is known as the spiritual capital of the country, so only those with imagination should go through with the booking process. There are temples all around the city, and religious magic takes place every single day on the streets.

When is the best time of year to visit Asia?

There are opportunities for Asian tours 12 months out of the year, but there are peak times for certain parts of the continent. The best time to travel is also very dependent on what a person enjoys. Some people look for a ton of outdoor activities that they dive into head-first. Others might be looking for a getaway that is a bit colder, or even snow around the holiday season.

The best time of the year to tour Southeast Asia

Most of Southeast Asia has pretty warm temperatures throughout the year. For the most enjoyable experience, it makes sense to go during what is considered the dry season. This falls between November to April, generally speaking.
The summer months will not only be a little warmer, but the humidity sometimes gets the best of people. Chances are there will be some storms passing through at least once a day, but it still is a decent time to enjoy the beaches.
Keep in mind that the more southern a country is (in the Northern Hemisphere), the closer it is to being warm all year with little variation. Indonesia is a perfect example of this. The country is very close to the equator, keeping temperatures virtually the same.

The best time of the year to tour South Asia

Throughout South Asia, many other countries experience a monsoon season during the summer. From roughly May through October, it can pour at just about any given time, which makes it problematic and would not be the best time to travel for any outdoor activities, but it doesn’t mean South Asia is entirely off-limits during the summer.
In the northern part of South Asia, such as Northern India, people can experience the Himalayan regions throughout the year. There is less humidity in general, and rainfall is less prevalent throughout the year as well.

The best time of the year to tour East Asia

Most of East Asia is at its most beautiful during the spring and fall. In both China and Japan, many cities are known for beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring, filling nature with colour. The weather is pretty comfortable during night and day, which allows for the ultimate amount of exploration.
It is worth noting that East Asia deals with rainy summers, just like most of Asia. The more north in East Asia, the better to avoid rain and humidity. The northern parts of East Asia are also known for some pretty beautiful spots for those who enjoy a snowy holiday season.

Why multiple country travel tours make sense

A trip to Asia from Australia isn’t the longest by any means, but it’s still pleasurable that most people look at tour packages to see multiple locations. Countries in Asia are relatively close to each other, especially if a person decides to stay in the same region. For extended tours, there’s a chance to see all part of the continent like never before.
Those eager to book a tour should consider what they want to do, and see most, before taking the plunge. Consider just more than the time of year as well. Some tours offer more time in certain countries, which allows people to explore and do what they want. Others will attempt to take in as many cities and countries as possible.

Best summer destinations in Asia for family

Bali – the most popular locations in all of Australia for vacationers

First things first, it should be noted that Asia has opposite names for their seasons compared to Australia. That is why the best summer destinations in Asia for the family refer to May to September on the calendar. This is the coldest time of the year for most Australians, so escaping to a warmer climate makes sense.
The most challenging thing is that the summer months are exhausting in the southern part of Asia. It’s a challenge to make plans that are outdoors and not have them regularly changed because of inclement weather.
Most of the destinations that make this list are in the northern part of the continent. It’s a little less rainy, the heat isn’t so unbearable that people need to stay inside during the day, and all seasonal shops are open.

Bali, Indonesia

One of the most popular locations in all of Australia for vacationers is Bali, Indonesia. Many view it as the perfect getaway in so many ways. Summer is always a trendy time to visit during the year, because most people around the world have a decent amount of free time to get away. The schedule in Australia is a little different, but for those trying to escape colder temperatures, heading to Indonesia for a trip might be the way to go.

Uluwatu Temple

The nightlife and overall fun that many islands have is undoubtedly a huge draw, but don’t overlook all the cultural history linked to the area as well. Many people are surprised when they get to the area, that there are so many different monuments to check out. Perhaps the most prominent historical location is the Uluwatu Temple, which is a virtual master check out for anyone making the trip.

Mount Batur

It’s not all about hanging out near the water either. There are places to hike and climb, such as Mount Batur. Unlike most of Asia, Bali is 8 degrees south of the equator. That means monsoon season runs from October to April, meaning the summer months are slightly better for enjoyment. Just be aware that at all times during the year, the average temperature is just over 30°C with high humidity.

Yangtze River, China

Technically speaking, this isn’t one particular place in China. It’s the longest river in all of Asia, and the third-longest in the world. There are many different spots to check out along the way, but many tours offer cruise opportunities to check out everything.
The most popular parts of the river run between Chongqing and Shanghai. Taking a cruise is one of the unique ways to see the natural beauty China has. While natural beauty does capture most of the attention, it’s always great to see cityscapes and other pieces of architecture along the way as well.
Stops are available along the way with any crews available. Some people might just want to spend a day exploring a specific part of the river, while others will look for a multi-day cruise. China understands that this river is a significant draw, and they have very accommodating opportunities for any type of traveller.

Hoi An, Vietnam

This is one of those Asian cities that is great to visit at any time of the year. The weather stays just calm and off during the summer months to enjoy everything the port city has to offer. A lot of the appeal of Hoi An comes down to the historical side of things, but all ages have activities worth it to them.
Upon arrival, it’s hard not to catch the unique look of the city in general. It has some fantastic architecture, including several temples scattered throughout.

Cua Adam Beach

Go towards the coast, and there are many water activities to try. Cua Adam Beach is a beautiful spot to relax and have some fun, and there are many tours on all the different bodies of water located in the city. Think of this as a great beach getaway with history sprinkled in.

Nha Trang, a worthy alternative

As an alternative, Nha Trang is a bit more south, but still comfortable enough during the summer for people to visit. It has incredible coastlines, up-close encounter opportunities with ocean wildlife, and more.

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Travel experts recommend staying away from the southern part of Sri Lanka during the summer. There is just too much rain for people to handle. In the Central Province, Kandy has better weather, and since it’s in the hills, the temperature stays tolerable.

Kandy Lake

There are plenty of things to see and do around the city. Kandy Lake in the middle of the city has a fantastic multi-use path and a storied temple to go along with it. It’s a great starting place for people who are taking in the city, but far from the only destinations.
Outdoor activities such as going to the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Udawattakele Forest Reserve, and Arthur’s Seat (outstanding lookout point) are great ways to appreciate what this region brings to the table. For history, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, National Museum of Kandy, and the World Buddhist Museum will satisfy the needs for most.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Tucked in the northwest corner of the country, it doesn’t get quite as warm here as other parts of Cambodia during the summer. Exploring all of the Angkor Temples is a significant draw, and what started as mostly a resort town is now the fifth biggest city in the country.

Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm Temple, and more

It’s all about exploring in this region of the world. Whether it be Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm Temple, or any other temple for that matter, people enjoy coming at all times of the year. It will be a little hotter in the summer, but it’s tolerable enough for most.
Since it has grown quite a bit over the years, there are other things to do in the area as well. Going to the Cambodian Circus is always a great night, as is checking out many of the different markets throughout the city. These two relaxing activities are pretty convenient for those people who might be tired of exploring so many temples during the day.

Best holiday destinations in Asia for family

During the holidays at the end of each calendar year, Australians usually have some free time available and opportunity to vacation to Asia. Some people will still be searching for locations that allow for plenty of outdoor activities, while others might be searching for that traditional Christmas experience with cold and snowy conditions.
Of course, the holidays are not always the same for every family. Some have to wait for certain times of the year to enjoy an extended break. That’s why all of these make the final list because they are perfect all year round. They might slightly change depending on the season, but there is no wrong time to go to any of these locations for a holiday.

Phuket, Thailand

It still has the reputation of being a great place for adults who want to relax in the day and party at night, but that stays within certain sections of the city. What people will learn when researching different Asian tours that include a stop in if you get, is that it’s about as dependable of a family holiday destination in Asia as possible.

Phang Nga Bay

The beaches are filled with people most of the year. Families can just relax and enjoy the water and sand, or they can head to areas such as Phang Nga Bay for more interactive opportunities.

Koh Samui

Since Phuket is pretty famous these days, not everyone is a massive fan of that many people around all the time. Koh Samui is an alternative that more and more people are trying out as it gains popularity. Even though more people know about it ever before, it’s still nothing quite like the busyness of Phuket. The drawback is that there aren’t quite as many attractions, resorts, and restaurants to sift through.

Da Nang, Vietnam

Located very close to Hoi An, families can make the most of a trip by checking out both cities. It’s on the east coast of Vietnam, and provides a little bit of everything for Australians to enjoy when visiting.
What makes it family-friendly is that people of all ages can feel welcome and immersed in the culture. Vietnamese people are amiable in general, but this region takes it to another level. It makes travellers feel special, and even without knowing any Vietnamese, families still feel very welcomed.
It’s not all about the beaches either in this area. There are several countryside cultural tours people can take to go into Vietnam and explore a little bit more. While there are peak seasons to visit, the area stays pretty busy 12 months out of the year.

Northern Japan (Akita)

Too many people view Japan as a country only worth visiting when making the trip to the southern half. Tokyo is as far north as some visitors go, and while there is plenty to see in the big cities, going north is a great holiday option for families as well.
It’s impossible to find a quantity of green space in Tokyo. The same goes for some of the other big cities in Japan, as so much packs into one small area. People who travel to the northern part of Japan are looking for something a little bit more relaxed. Never mistake relaxed for boring, because while no city competes with Tokyo and all it offers, each city has something different.
Northern Japan is also where there might be a possibility for snow around Christmas. Many of the cities that bring travellers in will dress up for the occasion to make it an enjoyable experience. From lights to local festivals, Christmas in the snow is a unique opportunity for many Australians who have never lived outside the country.


What region is best for families? Akita is a region worth checking out. It is north enough that it gets considerable snowfall each winter, which allows for over 25 different skiing resorts in the area. When it becomes spring, cherry blossoms are abundant. The summer is mild enough that families can visit without too much of an issue, and fall is also beautiful as well.
A stop in the northern part of Japan might not be the focal point of a vacation tour, but with free time on a more extended trip, it’s worth exploring. Even a day in the area will provide a different look many did not know even existed in Japan.

Siem Reap

For people not jumping around in this article to specific sections, they might already know a lot about this location. It fits into a lot of these categories, making it one of the most well-rounded destinations in all of Europe.
It is one of the top overall places for families to go at any time during the year. It has some great weather for this region, and with such a wide range of activities, it’s tough for anyone to get bored.
The biggest draw from a parent’s perspective is that there is a lot of fun in this area that can cover up all the history learning available. There’s nothing better than learning history in person, exploring a new location and a new country along the way. Cambodia is a fascinating and often overlooked country in general, and this is the starting point for anyone who is booking a tour.
Like a lot of other locations that make this list, people will notice that residents are very friendly to tourists in the area. They are eager to help as much as possible, and they want to make a lasting impression on Australia’s visiting.
Most of the temples are family-friendly, so that’s not a problem at all. Outdoor activities are also great for families, although some of the more sophisticated trips might require older children. For a family’s first trip to Asia, this needs to be near the top of the list whenever planning a holiday.

Seoul, South Korea

We’re looking at all the big cities in East Asia, Seoul has some of the best weather for any month of the year. There is quite a bit of rain in July and August, but it’s monsoon season for everyone else at the time of the year as well. In the other ten months, rain stays away mostly, and temperatures don’t get out insanely out of control.
For people travelling with families, Christmas in Seoul is a pretty enjoyable experience. They do a lot of decorations, shops get in the spirit to a certain degree, and the weather feels like a traditional Northern Hemisphere Christmas. The odds of it snowing and sticking are not that high, but there is still that opportunity when visiting. Snowfall happens more often than most people realize with the country.
As for the rest of the year, Seoul is a beautiful place for families to bond and have a great time in a major city. Since the city is so big, it can take days to get through as much as a person would like to. That’s why when booking tours, look for a couple of days in the city to explore.

National Museum of Korea

Numerous Museums and Landmarks

Museums and landmarks are a big part of Seoul, and tell a fascinating history of not only the city, but the country in general. Australians might be visiting for the first time, and they are not sure about much of its history. Making time to visit some combination of the Gyeongbokgung Palace, The War Memorial of Korea, Changdeokgunv Palace, and the National Museum of Korea is a great place to start. When travelling to these different historical spots, there’s bound to be many other landmarks and activities to catch the eye as well.

N Seoul Tower

Of course, a family favourite is always going to be the N Seoul Tower in the heart of the city. There are some fantastic views from the tower, and it has grown to be the most known landmark around the world involving the city.

Haneul Park

One thing to note is that Seoul does have a general lack of urban green space, compared to the rest of the country. People who want more green spaces need to step outside the city. One urban escape that is particularly close to the heart of the city is Haneul Park. It’s incredible what they have done on the top of the hill with this park. It’s a great work out to get up the stairs, but the views are worth it.

The hidden gem travel destinations in Asia

All it takes is a little bit of research to pick up on the most talked-about travel destinations in Asia. The beauty of utilizing a tour that has open days is that curious travellers have the chance to find some fantastic hidden gems.
To make the list, the gem needs to be at least somewhat close to a typical stop on a vacation tour in Asia. A hidden gem can be a beautiful place to visit, but if it takes a day to get there, and a day to get back, that’s a lot of wasted time on a tour.

Hubei, China

China is such a vast country that it can be very challenging to get to some of the hidden gems travellers point out from time to time. Getting to some of the gems is well worth the time it takes to travel there.

Mount Wudang Shan

Mount Wudang Shan, located near Hubei, China, has a lot of history behind it. It has some sacred Taoist temples and monasteries that instantly capture the attention of people visiting. It’s arguably most known for the engine building complex, which makes the UNESCO World Heritage List.
It’s more than just viewing architecture from afar. What draws people to this region is they can take part in activities that go back to another time in China. Learn kung fu or tai chi from an expert. Experience food particular to the region, and how to make it.
The closest big city to this region is Wuhan. Some tours will also have recommendations for people currently located in Xi’an or Chongqing. It will take a decent amount of time to get there, but people who make the trek believe it’s worth it.

Coonoor, India

To take advantage of this hidden gem, a person needs to look for a tour that goes towards the southern part of India. So many tours focus only on the northern part of the country, and while that’s great, visitors can find impressive spots in the south as well.
This is one of the rare areas in the region that sits higher than the Southern Plains. It’s a very laid-back vacation spot that offers all the outdoor activities in person could want, and views that seem too good to be true.
One visit to this part of India will change a person‘s perspective on an entire section of the country. It has some beautiful spots, and going during the dry months will be amazing.

Busan, South Korea

South Korea is a small enough country that people can get to a lot of different areas within the country on a free exploration day. It’s a bit of a trek from Seoul, but seeing this city on the ocean is truly remarkable.

Haedong Yonggung Temple

The perfect example of what to expect from the city is the historic Haedong Yonggung Temple. It was initially built in the 14th century, but destroyed a few centuries later. They put effort into rebuilding in the 1930s, and that is what exists today.
The location of the temple right off the ocean, connected to a cliff, is stunning. There’s a lot of other historical sites to see in this city, as well as different foods and cultures to take in. Its location opposite of Seoul allows for its unique take on many Korean specialties. It’s not quite as hectic, so there will be fewer tourists getting in the way of a fun experience.

Kon Thonsáy, Cambodia

It’s never effortless to get to an island in the middle of a tour that might not necessarily go to it, but this part of Cambodia is close enough to the mainland that people pull it off. It is just a 20-minute boat ride to get there once arriving at the narrowest point, and after that trip, people can explore a small, laid-back, beautiful island vacation destination.
This is a place that isn’t known for loading up with a lot of activities. People can do that in other spots on their tour. The island affectionately known as rabbit island is simply for relaxation and great views.

Lampang, Thailand

Visitors overlook this city a lot when heading to Thailand, even though it has so much going for it. For starters, the natural beauty is tough to manage when comparing to any part of the country. They are most known for their beautiful mountains, and the fact that they are relatively untouched.
The city of Lampang also has a very historical type of feel to it that travellers enjoy. They put a lot of effort into making sure that it is as beautiful as can be at all times, and their efforts to make it a clean and safe place for all can’t be overlooked.
Animal lovers might know of this area for the elephant sanctuary that has a reputation for taking care of the beautiful animals better than any other location or world. It just feels a little different with this inland city in Thailand, and that difference makes it a worthy stop when heading towards other areas.

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