Best Holiday Tours to Asia

May 8, 2020

Asia is such a vast continent with so many different cultures and experiences that is it often difficult to know where to start when planning a holiday. For many Australians, the ideal way to travel to Asia on a guided tour of areas that pique your interest or maybe even discover places you never knew existed. Holiday tours come in a wide range of style and price ranges. Experience several thousand millennia of history in China. Meet the friendly people of Vietnam and enjoy their tasty cuisine. Climb a mountain in Nepal or simply relax on the beach in Bali or the islands of Malaysia. The choice is yours.

The Advantage of Asia Holiday Packages

When taking a trip to Asia, you can face a lot of uncertainty. In many rural areas, you can encounter a language barrier. Unfamiliarity with local culture may leave you feeling uncomfortable when travelling on your own. Other travellers may simply not want to do all of the planning and logistics involved with a long trip. When you book a tour to Asia, you don’t have to worry about any of that.
Choose from a pre-packaged or a customized tour that allows you to visit Asia on your terms. Tours can be as flexible or as detailed as you wish. When you book a more in-depth tour, you’ll get the services of a tour director who take care of all the details. The tour director will sometimes hand off your cultural experiences to local guides who have extensive knowledge of the cities and regions you visit. This practice allows you to get the most out of your time on holiday.

What Holiday Packages to Asia Include

Do you want an all-inclusive Asian tour package with virtually every minute of your holiday managed or would you prefer one with minimal activities where you get the highlights and explore on your own? You can find Asia trips at both ends of the spectrum and many that fall somewhere in between.
No matter how comprehensive your holiday tour is, all have these characteristics in common:
• Airfare
• Ground transportation
• Accommodation
Most holidays will also include at least short minimal overview tours of the cities and regions you visit or vouchers allowing you to choose local options. In addition to convenience, packaged tours often offer savings that you wouldn’t be able to achieve on your own as airlines, hotels and resorts and local tour operators. Most tours also offer perks such as VIP tickets to special cultural performances, skip-the-queue entrances to popular attractions and similar advantages that will help you make the most of your Asian holiday.

What Tour Package Options are Available?

You can usually expect at least some meals to be included. At a minimum, you’ll get a special dinner or two to reflect the typical local cuisine of the area you visit. More typical are one or two meals daily, usually breakfast and dinner. Your package may also offer options in the level of accommodation, giving you the choice of good, better and best for additional money. In other cases, you may have access to add-on experiences in specific locales, such as special excursions or cultural performances.

Are Custom Tours to Asia Available?

What happens if you can’t find the exact tour that you want? Maybe the tour packages you have browsed go to cities that you have previously visited or have no interest in. Others may take you close, but ultimately not into the areas that interest you the most. The answer is customizing your tour package. When you customize your tour package, you can travel for as long as you like, to as many countries in Asia as you want and choose your level of luxury. Although you most likely won’t travel with a group or other people unless your design a mini group tour, you’ll still be able to get the most out of your experience through local excursions and first-class accommodation. With a customized tour, you’ll get the unforgettable experience of a lifetime that you have always wanted.

When is the Best Time to Take a Holiday to Asia?

The best time of year to visit Asia depends on where you are going and what you want to see and do. Southeast Asia, the countries just south of China that include Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar as well the Philippines and other islands north of Australia, is generally best to visit during November through February as you’ll experience drier and cooler weather. Exceptions to this recommendation are Malaysia and Indonesia, both of which experience their dry seasons from April to October. Note, though, that some sites such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia become choked with tourists during this time, so you’ll often pay premium prices and experience long queues to get into attractions and the best restaurants. Consider booking a tour during the months that border the high season to avoid the crowds or if you are on a budget and still want to experience decent weather.
December through February are also the best months to visit places in south Asian countries such as the Maldives, Sri Lanka and southern India. You’ll also find cooler temperatures and less rain and humidity during these months.
The further north you travel in Asia, the warmer months of the year will be most desirable for areas like northern China and Japan, Tibet and Korea. If you’re heading to the Himalayas, including Nepal, northern India and Bhutan on an adventure vacation, April through early June provides the best weather as well as the best scenery.
If you absolutely must book your holiday during monsoon season, don’t let that weather phenomenon make you select a destination outside of Asia. Monsoon seasons vary among the different countries with some areas, such as India experiencing torrential rains and truly spectacular storms. Almost all of southern Asia has soaking rains and somewhat extreme humidity between May and September, but some areas are less wet than others. In many locales, the daily downpours are an excellent reason to go indoors to get out of the humidity and enjoy some of the wonderful local cuisines or have a refreshing nap.

The Most Popular Asia Holiday Tours

When it comes down to it, the best Asia holiday tours are different for everyone. Some of the most popular tours may resonate with you, while others do not. In light of that, you should choose your trip based on your interests, not necessarily on what someone else thinks is the best. In light of that, however, the best Asia holidays have something in common: they resonate with large number of people. To that end, evaluate some of these popular destinations to see if the sites and experiences resonate with you.

The Cultural and Historical Heritage of China

The Great Wall of China

As the fourth largest country in the world as well as the fourth most visited land, China holds an allure that few countries can replicate. There’s a good reason too, as China has incredibly diverse landscapes, a rich historical heritage with 5,000 years of culture, mouthwatering cuisine and its recent emergence into the modern world. Touring China is the perfect way to understand this culture and its people.
China has the oldest continuous civilization along with astounding diversity as the country is home to 50 different ethnic groups. It has the third largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites following Italy and Spain. Five sacred mountains here are associated with Taoism and four with Buddhism. The Chinese call their land “The Middle Kingdom” as it was once perceived to be the centre of the world.
Ice cream and pasta originated in China, introduced by Marco Polo to the western world. The country is also known for the practice of Tai Chi, calligraphy and scroll paintings. For shoppers, the most sought after items are porcelain, fine arts, antique furniture, jade, pearls and carpets. China is impossible to sum up in just a few words, which is why it is a country that needs to be experienced.

Top Cities to Visit in China

Depending on your interests and the amount of time that you have to visit this ancient country, you may not be able to visit all of the larger cities. Every tour to China should touch upon at least one or two of these top metropolises.


Tiananmen Square – the world’s largest public square

Many visitors believe the capital city of Beijing is the place to begin one’s journey. Tiananmen Square, the world’s largest public square, is at its hear. Here you find Mao Tse Tung’s mausoleum, the Great Hall of the People and the entrance to the Forbidden City. Inside the Forbidden City’s Imperial Palace, you’ll find 9,999 rooms spread over 250 acres. Twenty-four emperors lived here during the Ming and Qing dynasties. The name comes from the fact that commoners couldn’t enter the complex. Now, the structure is a museum that showcases many treasures from China’s imperial families.
Also in Beijing is the Temple of Heaven, the architectural masterpiece from the 15th century where emperors used to worship. The Summer Palace just outside of Beijing overlooks a tranquil lake where the only boat in the world made of marble is moored.
Eighty kilometres to the north of Beijing is the Great Wall of China, built initially to keep out warring invaders. The Badaling section is the best-preserved portion where visitors can walk atop in either direction. A must-see is the Hutongs of Beijing, narrow alleys where you can see historic single-storey Sigeyuan dwellings. These houses once belong to affluent and prominent families.


Shanghai – the economic, cultural and technological centre of China

As the most influential city in Eastern China, Shanghai is an economic, cultural and technological centre and represents how China has moved into the modern era. Highlights here include the Bund, the waterfront with 1930’s era buildings, including the Peace Hotel, Nanjing Road, a major shopping area, the Jade Buddha Temple, and the Yu Yuan Gardens, a complex of colourful pavilions, ponds, trees, flowers, stone dragons and a unique bridge. Adjacent is Shanghai’s old town with its narrow alleyways, a local bazaar and a shopping district with traditional handicrafts.


This ancient capital of China is one of the country’s oldest cities. Xian is rich in history with lots of ancient ruins, cultural relics and museums. Visitors love the perfectly preserved ancient city wall that encircles the city centre as well as the famous Terra Cotta Warriors featuring 8,000 life-size soldiers, 600 horses and over 100 chariots.


Gullin is a scenic city with magnificent landscapes set in a region that offers some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world. It is one of the most photographed areas of China and includes entrancing names such as Elephant Trunk Hill, Seven Star Park and Reed Flute Cave. Travellers here cruise down the Li River to see the incredible limestone rock formations that rise dramatically from the ground. The countryside here resembles a scene from a traditional Chinese painting, and even appears on one of China’s paper money notes.


Formerly called Canton, Guangzhou is the third largest city in China. Located 175 kilometres north of Hong Kong, it is located on the Pearl River. Attractions here include the Canton Tower, the fifth tallest freestanding structure in the world. The Chigang Pagoda, built in 1619 from red sandstone, is located on the river. Sharmian Island is a beautiful place for strolling with its collection of gothic, baroque and neoclassical architecture. Yuexiu Park has three artificial lakes and seven scenic hills, combining ecology with cultural relics. You’ll find Guangzhou Museum here, which depicts the history of the city along with the Chinese Revolution, as well as an art gallery with masterpieces of Chinese calligraphy.

Other Chinese Regions to Visit

This vast country has a wealth of more remote locales that are just as delightful to visit. If you have time, try to include these places on your tour itinerary.

The Yangtze River

You’ll find a different perspective of life in China when cruising down this river. The section between Chongqing and Wuhan called the Three Gorges is the most picturesque area. Along the way, you’ll pass charming small towns and have the opportunity to take trips down several tributaries. Make sure to visit the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest hydro-electric dam in the world.

The Silk Road

The legendary Silk Route travelled by Marco Polo was original a trading route from China to the Middle East and Europe. More than one route exists, but the most popular one is the Northern Route that begins in Xian and heads west through Dunhuang with its Buddhist cave paints. Other destinations include Turpan, China’s “orchard” and home to the Flaming Mountains and Kashgar with its colourful Sunday market.

Explore Tibetan Buddhism

Tibet is an autonomous region of China northeast of the Himalayan Mountains. Its capital, Lhasa, situated at 3,500 metres, is the seat of Tibetan Buddhism and is home to many significant Buddhist sites. The Potala Palace, former residence of the Dalai Lamas, is a magnificent building that’s 13 stories high and has over 1,000 rooms. Jokhang Temple, more than 1,300 years old, is the spiritual heart of Tibet and the country’s most sacred and famous pilgrimage centre. Sera Temple is home to 600 monks had features spectacular prayer halls and chapels. Travellers should also make sure to see the atmospheric Barkhor Square to see colourfully dressed Tibetans from all parts of the country.

Incomparable Japan

As with China, Japan offers so many wonderful holiday experiences that deciding where to visit can be challenging. Japan is larger than it looks, plus it’s packed with so many different scenic and cultural opportunities that you must carefully pick and choose the places and experiences that are most important to you. Most travellers to Japan only realize that they have missed a lot after their first visit, which prompts a second visit. Take a look at the must-visit destinations and then consider trips to the countryside to round out your experience.


Tokyo Tower is included in Japan tours offered by Asia Vacation Group.

Tokyo tower

As one of the most exciting and crowded cities in the world, Tokyo needs little introduction. You’ll find fantastic restaurants, beautiful gardens, charming backstreets and cutting-edge architecture. A selection of many different day trips to places like Kamakura and Nikko can take you away from the bustle to enjoy the countryside.


Kizomizu temple is included in Japan tours offered by Asia Vacation Group.

Kizomizu temple  – Kyoto Japan

Kyoto will give you the experience that most travellers dream of when they think of Japan. As one of the most culturally rich cities in the world, Kyoto is full of charming backstreets, inviting craft shops, mouthwatering restaurants and ancient gardens and temples. This city also attracts the most visitors for the cherry blossom season in March and April, so plan your trip accordingly depending on whether you want to be part of the fun or avoid the crowds.

Enjoy a Ryokan Experience

No trip to Japan is complete without a visit to the countryside to stay at a gorgeous ryokan to enjoy the onsen (hot springs) and partake in kaiseki cuisine. You can find this experience in countless areas of the country, but two of the best are the Izu Peninsula and Hakone.
Located just southwest of Tokyo, Izu overflows with natural beauty, onsen and remarkable produce and seafood. Laces to visit here include the peninsula’s southernmost point at Shimoda, Shuzenji Onsen, Izu-Kogen and Yugashima Onsen.
Also located near Tokyo, Hakone is a famous nature retreat that is known for its view of Mount Fuji on clear days in addition to a wealth of onsen. Take in the beauty of the region on Hakone’s famous sightseeing loop. Travel around the area on a variety of transports, including the Hakone Tozan Railway, cable cars and the Hakone Ropeway. Another must is a cruise n beautiful Lake Ashi.


The main reason visitors come to this historical gem is Kenrokuen Garden, considered one of Japan’s three greatest gardens. The city is also known for its impeccable geisha and samurai historical districts, traditional crafts and its excellent cuisine that includes some of Japan’s best seafood and saki. Other highlights include the D.T. Suzuki Museum of Buddhist Philosophy, Omicho Market, the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art and the Ninja Temple, Myoryu-ji.

Multi-Country Southeast Asia Tours

Illustration of vacation tour packages with cocktails by a pool
For many Australians, it’s simply too difficult to choose just one country for an Asian tour holiday. The countries of Southeast Asia provide the ideal opportunity to travel to more than one country to experience a variety of cuisines and cultures. Perhaps the most popular combination involves combining Vietnam and Cambodia into a single excursion, starting in either Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City and travelling along the coast, following with a trip into Cambodia to discover Angkor Wat along with some of the smaller towns such as Kratie.
Another popular choice is to start your Asia trip in the Philippines to enjoy the beaches and the friendly people and then head over to Indonesia for the unique cuisine, the culture and some of the world’s best diving spots.
For a more slow-paced holiday with lots of culture, choose to combine the cultural site of Bagan, Mandalay and Yangon in Myanmar with the awe-inspiring sites in Cambodia. Myanmar is less touristy than Cambodia and will give you a chance to delve fully into the local culture. Another slow-paced itinerary involves northern Laos and Thailand. Laos, in particular, is rustic and slow-paced, which is excellent for relaxation. Visit Luang Prabang with its incredible waterfalls and then motorbike on the Bolaven Plateau. Hop over to Thailand to explore Pai and its delicious local food and travel over to Chiang Mai to visit its myriad temples.

Asia Countries to Tour on a Budget

Asia tours packages on a budget are possible if you travel to the right countries. If you want to visit to several countries, choose Southeast Asia as many of the most inexpensive destinations are there and you’ll get the most for your money for both lodgings and food. When looking for a tour on a budget, consider these countries.


Taj Mahal – India

From the Himalayan Mountains in the north to the superb beaches in the south to the cultural sites in the centre, the Indian subcontinent is fascinating to explore on a budget. The northern half of the country is particularly inexpensive, but the south, which caters more to tourists, is still economical.
Travelling in India is cheap because the cost of living is so low here. All forms of transport, whether rickshaw, buses, taxis or trains, are inexpensive. Eating local Indian vegetarian food is the way to go with occasionally splurging on meat for some of your meals. Accommodation is also incredibly cheap. You can often get a room for $20 or less a night. Even luxury properties are extreme bargains by Western standards. It’s possible to live on $50 a day or less here, so splurge by taking tours, buying souvenirs and seeing everything you possibly can in this exotic land.


Angkor Wat Siem Reap is included in Cambodia tours offered by Asia Vacation Group.

Angkor Wat – Siem Reap Cambodia

Cambodia is the perfect place to take an inexpensive holiday to Asia because of its central location. Like its neighbour Thailand, it offers gorgeous scenery, rich history, fantastic cuisine and exciting nightlife. However, because it is less developed and less explored, everything is a little bit cheaper here. It’s most known for Angkor Wat, the famous temple complex near Siem Riep, which also has world-class restaurant and entertainment that has developed to serve the visiting masses. Get the three-day pass to Angkor Wat, which allows you to explore the beautiful and peaceful temples fully. Don’t forget to try the delicious street food like Amok, fish cooked in banana leaves in a sauce of coconut cream. You’ll have plenty of money to explore the jungles, ruins and the cities. When you’ve had your fill of cultural sites, head south to the sandy beaches of the Koh Rong Islands or some of the other inexpensive resort locales.


People enjoy treet food at night market, Hanoi, Vietnam, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

People enjoy Hanoi street food at night

Vietnam is a dream come true for travellers who want it all as it has gorgeous scenery, a variety of cultures, diverse historical site and tasty food, all at an unbelievably low cost. Prices have risen in Vietnam over the past few years, but the country will still give you a memorable holiday for next to nothing. Almost everywhere you go will be quite inexpensive, even Halong Bay, the infinitely beautiful World Heritage site that has dozens of islands covered in a tropical forest.
Food is perhaps the single best part of Vietnam. You can easily get by on a few dollars per day when eating street food consisting of fresh spring rolls, rice with various accompaniments or noodles with meat. Don’t forget the pho, the wonderfully tasty soup that is a national treasure. Just head to where you see lots of locals eating, and you’re bound to have a cheap, delicious meal. Even the local beer costs less than a dollar.
Bartering is a way of life in Vietnam, except for food and toiletries. For souvenirs, barter and barter hard. Merchants will be aware of the prices you’d pay in Australia and will make you think you’re getting a deal when you’re not. Walk away and then eventually return. Only then will you find out what the real prices are.


Most people think of Indonesia as the expensive Southern beaches of Bali at Ubud and Kuta with accommodation that commands premium prices. While that part of Indonesia is correct, moving away from these tourist centres will provide travellers with an incredibly inexpensive holiday that defies traditional notions of this country. Instead, you should head to the unexplored areas of this island nation that has more than 17,000 islands, many of which can be explored for just dollars per day. Once you head away from the touristy areas, you’ll find a wealth of places to explore that include rice terraces, beaches, food markets, volcanoes, jungles and more. Each island in Indonesia is different when it comes to food, language, religion and culture, so there is a lot to explore. As with many other Asian countries, street food is the way to go in Indonesia if you want to stretch your budget.


Even though Thailand is popular, it has remained one of the most inexpensive places to visit over the years. The northern end of the country is cheaper than in Bangkok or the southern islands, which can end up being quite expensive. Yet, even the islands in the south can be a bargain if you don’t stay at a luxury resort. Thailand remains a popular destination because costs for just about everything, from transportation to sightseeing, beer and food are cheap. There are also plenty of sites and destinations to explore here without being engulfed in crowds.


Laos is often overlooked as an Asian destination, due to its lack of coastline. Travelling to Laos is slightly more expensive than going to Cambodia, especially in cities like Vientiane and Luang Prabang, but it’s still a bargain, especially if you choose to go off the beaten track on an adventure. Public transportation is cheap, as is the classic fried rice dishes that you’ll find everywhere. Laos is also the perfect place to partake in outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, zip-lining, or even taking a hot air balloon ride.


Mt Popa in Bagan, Myanmar

The country formerly called Burma has slowly opened to travellers since the end of the dictatorship in 2011. The country is still affordable, but prices are rising yearly, especially as the government there reportedly wants to make the country a luxury destination. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bagan is the prime reason to visit Myanmar. Old Bagan was the capital city of the Pagan Kingdom from the 9th through 13th centuries and is located in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar. Your most significant expense in this country will be accommodation as everything else is pretty inexpensive.

The Philippines

Beautiful beaches, palm trees, excellent diving spots and unforgettable sunsets make the Philippines the perfect place to indulge yourself when travelling on a budget. Visiting the country will cost you slightly more than the others mentioned here as you will need domestic fights to travel between islands, yet it is possible to maintain a reasonable budget if you avoid large cities.

All-Inclusive Luxury Destinations

At the other end of the spectrum are the all-inclusive Asia tour luxury holidays where you want for nothing. Everything is taken care of for you, including drinks and meals. Many resorts also have spa services, exercise classes, and even meditation, to feed your soul. Certain countries in Asia, as well as specific regions, are hotspots for luxury resorts, with many, if not most, with access to spectacular beaches where you can enjoy equally spectacular sunsets. Here are the top places for all-inclusive holidays in Asia.

Romance in the Maldives

A Breathtaking Aerial View of Islands in the Maldives

A Breathtaking Aerial View of Islands in the Maldives

The atolls that comprise the Maldives welcomed more than 1.5 million visitors in 2019 with the number of guests expected to increase to more than seven million by 2027. This island nation is not only the most popular luxury destination in Asia, but it’s the most popular luxury destination in the world. The government is investing extensively in the nation’s infrastructure, including a billion-dollar upgrade of Veldana International Airport.
When it comes to investments, travellers make their own when coming here as the myriad resorts here do not come cheap. One is more expensive than the next, but you’ll experience pampering here that you won’t get anywhere else, which is why the Maldives are a prime honeymoon destination. Many of the resorts are located on private islands. Some even offer you a personal butler who will take care of all of your needs and whims.
The Maldives are what dreams are made of, and yes, the country does live up to expectations. The beautiful photos you have seen of these idyllic islands featuring bright sunlight, transparent blue lagoons, house reefs filled with fish, shallow water with baby reef sharks and rays and white sand beaches are more than real. One of the rarest treats for travellers here is stumbling across a bioluminescent stretch of sea. The Maldives is one of a handful of places around the world where you can witness the phenomenon and several locales in the Maldives will reliably provide you with the experience. One of those places is the Dusit Thani Maldives Resort in the Baa Atoll. At times, this resort’s beach comes alive with light at night, giving off a starry-sky look in the waves. If you want to enjoy this spectacle, be sure to check on the timing with the hotel.
Although the Maldives is a 100% Muslim country that lives by strict social rules, the resorts there live by their own rules. Travellers staying at the resort islands are free to drink alcohol, eat pork, have pubic displays of affection, wear next to nothing, and the like. However, you have to remember if you travel to a pubic island, you have to abide by the local customs.

Phuket and the Southern Thai Islands

Koh Yao Noi Island in Phuket, Thailand

Although Thailand is one of the least expensive countries to visit, you can also find an all-inclusive luxury holiday experience here, mostly in the high-end resort island of Phuket and the nearby islands of Krabi and Similan. Like the Maldives, many of the resorts here also cater to honeymooners, but you won’t be as isolated here. At the same time, however, you will find luxury properties that are also ideal for family holidays in Asia.
Phuket, especially, is diverse and exciting, with a rich culture, beautiful coast and spectacular natural sights. This island is a favourite of the superyacht crowd, so you can expect the best of the best when it comes to the all-inclusive experience. Patong Beach is where much of the action as it has a wide variety of activities during the day. At night, travellers have their choice of restaurants with outstanding cuisine and a vibrant nightlife in Soi Bangla.
When looking for an all-inclusive experience here, carefully assess your options as Thai resorts have different elements in their packages. Five-night and eight-night packages at many Phuket-area resorts are typical. Most will include meals and some alcoholic drinks, but snacks and other small extras may incur a cost. Similarly, pay attention to what type of activities are part of the package. Among the popular activities at Phuket resorts are kayaking, sailing, mountain biking and lots of water sports. Some properties, such as Club Med Phuket, offer unique inclusions such as Thai boxing lessons and trapeze training along with youth clubs for younger guests up to age 17. Other properties offer included or discounted spa services or fitness classes.

Sublime and Fascinating Vietnam

From its bustling cities and ancient culture to its lush highlands and beautiful beaches, Vietnam is a vibrant destination with unrivalled food, fascinating history and sublime scenery. Because of this enticing combination, the country has become a mecca for bespoke tour experiences. Unlike the typical resort all-inclusive experiences, high-end tour holidays in Vietnam will have you on the go, moving from location to location with expert tour guides and your choice of luxury and boutique accommodations.
Vietnam is a dream for lovers of food and culture. It represents the bustle of modern city life, a bevy of proud traditions and the tranquillity of a bygone era. Its landscapes range from the delta lands of the Red River in the north to the Mekong River in the south, with stretches of unspoiled beaches verdant forest and soaring peaks in between. All of these experiences are elements that comprise a bespoke holiday of a lifetime.
The magical north of the country, with its rolling hills, is a great place to start. The capital of Hanoi is here, famous for French cafes with fusion cuisine and honking mopeds on the streets. Venture into the past in Hanoi’s Old Quarter where you can experience the best street food you have ever tasted. Take a luxury tour of the wide with its wide Parisian boulevards and charming temples. Experience traditional culture by attending a water puppet show and strolling through One Pillar Pagoda.
South of Hanoi is Halong Bay, the UNESCO World Heritage site that has no other equal in the world. Sail on a luxury junk boat to take in the vast limestone karsts along with the turquoise waters of the bay. Discover the Bay of the Descending Dragon and swim or kayak to the surrounding caves, visit floating villages or partake in a Vietnamese cooking class. Head inland to Mai Chau to see buffalo paths and rice fields that are home to the region’s hill tribe.
Tiny Hoi An is another favourite with its cobblestone streets and strong French colonial influence. Nearby is China Beach, about 30 kilometres north of Da Nang, with its deep blue water and fine white sand. Several sleek resorts are nearby, allowing you to experienced the area known as the Golden Coast of Vietnam as well as the dramatic coastline of Nui Chua National Park.
Ho Chi Minh City, former Saigon, is a bustling city with abundant cultural attractions. By day enjoy the sights and sounds of Cholon, the city’s vibrant Chinatown or the historic Old Quarter and explore the Cu Chi Tunnels, the subterranean network used by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War. In the evening, experience modern Vietnam in one of the city’s many trendy luxury restaurants and lounges.
Many travellers also like to explore the Mekong Delta to experience its rice paddies and rich cultural heritage, but if you’re after more relaxation and beaches, Con Dao, 180 kilometres off the mainland in the South China Sea is an excellent choice where you can unwind at a resort with spa treatments or with exquisite food and drink at your private beach villa.

Luxury in Bali

Another country that is known for economical holidays is Indonesia, but the island of Bali is also known for its excellent all-inclusive resorts, most of which are in the touristy areas on the southern end of the island. Most of the high-end resorts where you can expect pampering, romantic sunsets, gorgeous beaches and the best in food and drink are on the Nusa Dua Peninsula. As one would expect, some of these resorts cater to the honeymoon crowd, but you can also find all-inclusive packages for families here.
Bali is also the perfect high-end destination if you want to do more than spend time in the sun, sand and surf. The island will provide you with a varied landscape of mountains, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides that make a picturesque backdrop to its colourful and uniquely spiritual culture. Bali has something for everyone.

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