Getting bored? Here are 7 things travellers can do amid Covid-19 outbreak

April 1, 2020

As the consequences of Covid-19 pandemic, destinations are banned from entry, tours are postponed or cancelled, passionate travellers must have been getting bored to stay in a place the whole month. Here are the 7 suggestions that tourists can do at this time. 
The Covid-19 outbreak will soon come to an end, therefore, take these moments as an opportunity to get yourself ready for an upcoming adventure.


Books are the means that help people move from one world to another the most quickly and easily. Without buying expensive air tickets, you can still keep your soul blooming with a true adventure through the amazing book pages. 

Read A Travelling Book Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho – one of the best books of all time

Some of the interesting books on travelling are:

  • The Alchemist (by Paulo Coelho): the story about a journey of a young man who followed his feelings and travelled from Spain to Egypt. On the trip, he has finally learnt the meaning of happiness and the value of reality.
  • On the Road (by Jack Kerouac): is about the boy giving up his life in New York to go to the West, to live a new life of freedom, liberty and wildness. When the journey ended, he also became a stronger, brave and better person.
  • Vagabonding (by Rolf Potts): a must-have book for anyone who likes cooking along your journeys. Having spent 10 years on his walking journey (he even walked across Israel), the author Rolf noted almost all of his practical experience, lessons learnt as well as detailed travel information in this book to share the travelling spirit to travellers around the globe.


Similar to books, movies are also another “medium” that takes you to the new lands. If books often serve as travel guides, travelling movies are the combination of epic sounds, colours and visuals which exude an intense motivation to pack your luggage and travel around. 

Watching travelling movie is definitely a good idea to explore the places you have never been

Watching travelling movie is definitely a good idea to explore new places when feeling bored during Covid-19 pandemic

Aren’t you hesitant to take a risky trip? Are you afraid that the land you are going to will be monotonous and boring? Or, are you simply looking for fresh ideas for your next trip? Here are some of the must-have movies you cannot afford to miss:

  • Into the Wild: based on the true story of Christopher McCandless’s life, this is the story of him giving up his comfortable life to enjoy the wilderness, explore the vivid nature, discover the amiable people and discover the beauty of life. In the end, the greatest thing he had learnt before dying is the definition of happiness.
  • The Beach: In the movie, travelling becomes a temptation for lovers to move so wildly and blindly that they even lose humanity. On the paradise island in Thailand, with the ingenious acting of Leonardo DiCaprio, the film appears mysterious like an illusion that you can hardly forget.
  • The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: almost all of the travel lovers must have seen this movie at least once in their lives. This movie is for everyone, not only photographers, travel lovers, journalists but also office workers and anyone who is keen on adventures.

A Destination In The Beach Movie By Leonard Capri

Koh Phi Phi Leh island – A Destination In The Beach Movie By Leonardo DiCaprio

In addition, there are many long-running series introducing the culture, customs and characteristics of various destinations that you can easily find on Netflix, YouTube, etc.


Plan a bucket list to fulfill after Covid-19 goes away

Plan a bucket list to fulfil after COVID-19 goes away

Make a list of the places you want to visit in the upcoming time. If you have had one before the unpredictable occurrence of the coronavirus pandemic, it is time to revise your plan and step by step outline a detailed preparation for each destination on the list such as when is the most appropriate time to travel, what needs to bring along on the trip, how much is the trip’s surcharge, etc.
Also, do not forget to cultivate the knowledge of destinations including the history, culture, food, people, etc as an important preparation step to do beforehand. You can refer to books, magazines or any trustable online sources such as travel blog or movies.


What Do You Know About The Louvre Museum In France

What Do You Know About The Louvre Museum In France?

Travel enthusiasts will surely see a strong connection between tourism and history, thus, cannot help from being curious about it. The history of Vietnam may lead you to the discovery of various monuments and museums across the cultural country. The history of the world may lead you to Greece – the land of hundreds of myths; to Turkey – the end of the once a prosperous silk road; or to the Louvre Museum in France – where the ups and downs of mankind are recorded in thousands of paintings.
The library of Celsus in Ephesus (Turkey)

The library of Celsus in Ephesus (Turkey)

This is truly a good time for passionate travellers to learn about history – something you probably do not have time to do everyday.
Khai Dinh Royal Tomb One Of The Best Historical Sites In Vietnam

Khai Dinh Royal Tomb One Of The Best Historical Sites In Vietnam

History can be considered as the third eye of a tourist. When you stand in front of a landscape, your eyes absorb the beauty of the present; and the “third eye” helps you look back on the past, to understand what the land went through and therefore, cherish its existence and beauty today. 


Do not hesitate to try new things

Do not hesitate to try new things

Most of us spend 365 days a year making money and doing the things we prefer. While the Covid-19 pandemic is causing us to halt travel plans, slow down our living paces and even stay at home, why not take this good opportunity to look into the areas that you have never considered before.
It could be a continent you have never been interested in, a type of travel that you assume is not your “taste”, or simply a sport, a cuisine, etc. Otherwise, it is not necessary to be related to travelling, try doing anything that you have never done before like cooking, baking, knitting or painting!


7 ideas for travellers amid Covid-19 outbreak

Take this time to transform from an amateur to a professional photographer

If your photography skills are still weak, this is when you should spend time improving them. There are various online photography courses to pick up or you can easily look up some photography tips on youtube and practice yourself around the house.
If your Korean or Chinese is not yet proficient, take advantage of this time to improve your listening and speaking skills for better communication when travelling. If there are plenty of times, how about learning a new language such as Japanese or Spanish?


It is not until the Covid-19 outbreak that you should start doing exercise but it is now that you ought to practice more frequently. A healthy body is surely the best preparation for a good trip. Plus that a healthy body is the best immunity against Covid-19.
As currently, gyms and fitness studios must have been temporarily closed, you can jog and cycle around your house, walk up and down the staircase and even do yoga in your bedroom. 

Work out some yoga poses for beginners. Simple but definitely effective!

Work out some yoga poses for better health against Covid-19. Simple but definitely effective!

Above are some ideas of what to do when staying at home to minimise the spreading of Covid-19. We at Asia Vacation Group hope you and your family are safe and healthy until the end of the pandemic and do not lose your travel inspiration!

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