The Six Best Vacation Ideas for Elderly Parents in Asia

Aug 04, 2020

When travelling to a different part of the world, many people are going with family or friends. Whether it is a group of elderly friends, or just bringing along the parents, it is essential to find spots that are going to be enjoyable for them as well.

What are some of the great locations in Asia that are perfect for elderly travel? Most people are going to skip the hustle and bustle of major cities, and instead look for some hidden gems that are not particularly busy all the time. Being able to move at a specific pace makes a lot of sense.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Known as one of the best destinations in all of Asia, Siem Reap is the city closest to Angkor. This is a region known for many different temples spread out across a pretty big area. They are all close enough to see in a short amount of time, but spaced out enough that people do not feel rushed through everything. The most prominent temples like Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm will see a lot more action, but they are still pretty easy to see as well.

The weather can get pretty hot in this region, and going through some of the areas can be pretty physically demanding for the elderly. However, there are other ways to get around, and climbing or hiking long distances is not necessary. Since it has evolved into such a popular tourist destination, there are travel solutions for those who can’t physically walk everything.

Away from the temples is a very laid-back vibe around the city. People come here from all over the world to take in this beautiful part of Cambodia. Not only are there a lot of relaxing options in the city, but local cuisine can bring people in as well. As part of a larger tour, or simply a shorter vacation specifically to the area, Siem Reap needs to be on everyone’s shortlist for Asian holidays.

Kyoto, Japan

Visiting Japan is a must for a lot of people who have a fascination with Asia, but a major city like Tokyo might be too much for elderly parents. Even though they are very accommodating for different types of people, it can seem overwhelming the entire time there. That is why a smaller city with plenty to do like Kyoto is a much better alternative.

There is a lot of history in the city, as a person will instantly see temples scattered throughout. They do a very great job of preserving as many as possible, and they also like to keep green spaces at a maximum. Even though the city is growing all the time, it still feels like a spaced-out city as far as Japan is concerned.

Visiting Kyoto means seeing Fushimi Inari-Taisha and Enryaku-ji. To really take in these spots, there is some walking around that older adults need to do. The area surrounding the shrines are very accommodating for different types of travellers, so the elderly are never pushed too much to get through everything as quickly as possible.

One cool thing about visiting any part of Japan is that the country knows how to take care of the elderly pretty well. They have the highest percentage in the world of citizens that are 65 years of age or older. More than one out of every four residents in Japan are above that age, so they are going to make sure that these people can get around.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most convenient places in all of Asia to visit. That alone makes it perfect for the elderly, but they also offer some very unique opportunities for older people looking to have quite a bit of fun on their trip.

No matter where a person wants to go in this tightknit area, there is plenty of access for those who might night move around particularly well. All of the buses and trains come with wheelchair accessibility, and there are some very comfortable seats when travelling as well. Even though some of the other cities can feel very packed in, visitors to Hong Kong do not get that same type of feeling.

The area itself has so many different things to do, those struggling to move around too much can tailor everything towards an elderly family trip. Disneyland Hong Kong is obviously very popular, and they cater to any visitor.

Another bonus for Hong Kong is that the temperature 12 months out of the year is about as good as one will find in Asia. It has some warm days, but nothing compared to spots in Southeast Asia. It never gets super cold here, which a lot of elderly do not want to deal with at all.

An affordable option that gives any visitor a fresh perspective on Asia will gravitate towards Hong Kong. Even if it does not make the initial cut as a spot to stop, it is on the list.


Much like Hong Kong, Singapore is a very condensed area that is perfect for the elderly looking to maximize their vacation. There is a lot to do in a pretty close area, and transportation is set up very well.

Arriving in Singapore sets the tone for the rest of the trip. They have one of the most renowned airports in the world, and it is right near the action. A travelling party never has to rent a car to navigate to certain parts. The public transportation options are easy to use, spacious, and affordable.

Once in the heart of Singapore, people can choose whether they want a vacation based around the beaches, or if they want to see everything else Singapore has to offer. From Gardens by the Bay, all the way to Universal Studios Singapore, everything is grouped pretty tightly to make it easy to travel.

Singapore is also very well known for being one of the safer destinations in all of Asia. No matter where a person travels, the elderly are always targeted by thieves as easy targets. While it is still essential to be on guard in crowds, there are low levels of crime in Singapore.

Boracay, Philippines

Travelling to some islands can be difficult for older people, but Boracay might be the best option in Asia to make life a little easier. For starters, it is a small island, and that means minimal travelling after arriving. It is very heavily commercialized these days, so most elderly people like the fact that they can get just about anything they need at a moment’s notice. It might not be the top place to relax and feel isolated, but there are some places to escape if that is what it person wants.

Boracay is very affordable, so it is another reason why families will target this location as a place to really enjoy. Instead of having to pay for some of the more heavily marketed islands on the continent, going to any of the top options in the Philippines usually makes economic sense.

For a relaxing vacation that the entire family can enjoy, Boracay is a place that should be at the top of any list. These views and beaches can’t be found in Australia, and it makes a nice quick trip for all.

Jaipur, India

In North India is one of the most slept on areas in all of Asia. Jaipur has all sorts of historical spots to check out, and the craftsmanship located around the city is unlike any other region in the world. It is a way to travel in luxury without having to spend huge amounts of money, and it fits in nicely when visiting India and other parts of the country as well.

Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, India

For an older traveller, Jaipur makes a lot of sense because it is easy to get around, and most like to embrace history. Having a chance to see how things were a long time ago intrigues many travellers, and there is a story behind so many different historical sites.

Getting around in India is fairly affordable and easy, which means that some people will turn to using private drivers instead of public transportation. It is an easier way to move around efficiently, and that usually gives elderly travellers a bit more space.

Tips on travel with elderly parents

With a few options to pick from above, it is important to keep in mind some other big tips that will make a vacation that much better. Senior travellers need some special attention at times, and doing a few things before taking off can make a big difference.

Look for easy travel options

Younger travellers might be fine with multiple layovers, but it can take a toll on older people having to get on and off planes. Try to find non-stop flights to a destination if possible, and simplify the travelling process inside the country as well.

It might end up costing a little bit more, but the overall trip will be a bit more of a success.

Pick the right time of year, and the right time of day

It is very important to pick the right time to travel with elderly parents so that they can enjoy everything. If it is not the best of weather during a particular time of year, it just makes getting around that much more difficult. There do tend to be travel deals for seniors during non-peak times, but there is a bit of a trade-off if it is just impossible to function during extreme weather.

Use senior discounts

There is really no shame in using discounts for the elderly. The best travel sites for seniors are going to list some of the current deals, and there is some significant savings in some locations.

Most senior discounts become even sweeter when put into packages with families. Bigger groups of people travelling to a particular area will lower the price for everyone.

Which Asian countries are suitable for elderly visitors?

All of the countries listed above are pretty good with elderly visitors, regardless of where a person actually heads. Generally speaking, the more developed a country is, the better they are with dealing with special accommodations. Some countries just do not have the infrastructure just yet to handle wheelchairs and extra space some need, but every major tourist destination is trying as much as possible.

A holiday for senior citizens needs to be an exceptional time for them. They will not be able to do everything that other visitors take advantage of, but it still works out in the end if a location makes an effort.

How do you travel to Asia with an elderly parent? Is flying the only way?

Most people will opt to fly with elderly parents, but it also makes sense to consider cruise options. This is a pretty laid-back option in general, and it is usually pretty affordable compared to flying as well. Some older adults just do not care to fly these days, and they feel more comfortable on a cruise than anything else.

The preferred method of transportation upon arrival is to go with a private driver if it fits in the budget. The more space older people can have to themselves, the better overall the ride will be.

Is travelling with elderly parents ultimately worth it?

Most people who are travelling only want to bring their loved one with them to enjoy the experience. Even if there is part of the party that can’t move particularly well, that does not mean they have to stay at home. Travelling takes a bit more time with the elderly, but the same can go for travelling with young children as well. There might be some limitations, but there are plenty of spots in Asia that are more than accommodating for people of all ages