Residents are allowed to visit domestic locations – It’s time to enjoy your vacation

Aug 19, 2020

At the moment, residents in Australia and New Zealand are allowed to visit some domestic locations and should avoid the areas restricted to eliminate the risk of infection.

We will be travelling abroad soon

We will be travelling internationally soon

Think positive, we will be travelling internationally soon!

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the tourism industry around the world, including ones in Australia and New Zealand. The lack of vaccines or specific medicine to cure patients from the Covid-19 virus makes people hesitate to travel far as usual. Governments also worry that the reception of foreigners from abroad can potentially pose the risk of the disease.

However, for tourism-dependent countries like New Zealand or Australia, reviving a “smokeless industry” is one of the post-COVID-19 priorities. According to CNN, Australia and New Zealand officials recently mentioned the possibility of opening up the border and creating corridors and designated tourist destinations for tourists from the two countries. “If there is any country in the world that we can reconnect first, it is certainly New Zealand,” said Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

There are many reasons that help recovering tourism in Australia and New Zealand. First of all, the diplomatic relationship between Australia and New Zealand is so close and Australian passport holders can travel and work in New Zealand indefinitely without a visa, and vice versa.

Heaven-like nature in New Zealand

Heaven-like nature in New Zealand

Secondly, the two countries have contributed a lot to each other’s tourism. Australians account for nearly 40% of international visitors to New Zealand and about 24% of international visitors’ spending in New Zealand. In Australia, New Zealanders account for about 15% of international visitors and 6% of total foreign visitor spending.

It’s time for Aussie to enjoy a domestic vacation

Tourism industry experts predicted that travelling in a small isolated group could be a norm among passionate travellers when borders in Australia and New Zealand may be reopened in the last quarter of 2020. Though currently the two countries are still restricting travelling abroad, domestic travel is another great choice.

Have you been to Wave Rock in Australia?

Have you been to Wave Rock in Australia?

For now, Simon Westaway, the executive director of the Australian Tourism Industry Council, suggested that Australian travel agencies could start attracting more domestic travellers instead of Chinese tourists, which previously accounted for 15% of international visitors but contributed up to 27% of total international tourist spending.

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