Where to go for three days vacation in Asia

April 9, 2020

Vacation opportunities vary in length quite a bit throughout the year. Some people have the chance to go to different parts of Asia and explore for weeks (or even a month) at a time. Others only have a small window to get away and enjoy a different part of the world.
Three days might not seem like a great amount of time, but it is much easier to find three day vacation opportunities and where to go at all times during the year. The focus shifts from seeing as much as possible, to seeing what matters most. If a travelling party is efficient with their time, they can still see quite a bit in a matter of days.
Below is a look at some fantastic opportunities for people to take advantage of with limited time. After looking at certain locations in a bit more depth, general three day vacation tips are provided as well. A bit more preparation is usually required for these experiences, but it is entirely possible to have a great time all around the continent.


Sensoji Tepmle in Tokyo, Japan, included tours offered by Asia Vacation Group
As the largest city in the world, there is not a better spot in Asia for people to explore for a few days. Even those lucky enough to visit the city in the past will still find plenty to do to fill a few days with memorable activities. Simply put, 2 day or even 3 day options are not even enough time for the majority of travellers, as there is so much to see 12 months out of the year in the capital of Japan.
Some of the top ways to thoroughly enjoy a few days in the area include taking in some of the most amazing museums in the world, exploring temples, eating different foods, visiting specific districts in the city, and more. It is very easy to get around the city, which helps to maximize the number of activities each day.
The traditional winter months are still mild enough for most Asia holiday visitors to enjoy during the non-peak season. Many love scheduling three day vacations to Tokyo in the spring, as that is peak cherry blossom season. The city comes to life in new ways each spring, opening up even more opportunities to enjoy life.
Tokyo works best when a person has a plan, but with so many different opportunities, deciding on activities on the fly is doable as well. Just make sure to budget appropriately, because Tokyo is a bit more expensive than just about any other destination trip options in Asia. It also is a slightly longer trip for people coming from Australia than some other locations in Asia, so those on a super tight schedule might feel too limited on time.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor is included in Cambodia tours offered by Asia Vacation Group.
Anyone who enjoys history and exploring temples will get a lot out of a short trip in Asia to Siem Reap, Cambodia. The nearby Angkor temples are considered by many to be the most impressive historical buildings on the continent. Unless a person has visited, they genuinely do not understand just how many temples there are to explore. There is the very popular Angkor Wat temple itself, but the Angkor Thom, Banteay Srei, and Ta Prohm are a few others that people end up spending a lot of time visiting.
Be prepared for a lot of walking around, but there are some auto-rickshaws to take advantage of as well. Known as tuk-tuks, this can help speed up travel on a tight schedule.
Visiting the area is obviously for those who love temples, but it has turned into one of the top relaxing holiday destinations in Asia for other activities as well. Whether it is taking in beautiful areas outdoors, or relaxing with a spa, anyone travelling to the area will feel a lot more educated and relaxed.

Penang, Malaysia

Floating Village Of Clan Jetties in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group
One of the unique things about visiting Penang is that it is a mixture of so many different cultures in one location. A mix of Chinese, Malay, and Indian cultures gives this area a different vibe for visitors to embrace. It is very rich in history, as even the houses are a sight to behold.
The main city on Penang Island is George Town, which is where most people will spend the majority of their time. There is a lot of history in the city, and it has been a huge trading hub for over 500 years. There is plenty of street art to take in, but specific destinations can include Chew Jetty, Sun Yat-San Museum, Pinang Peranakan Mansion, and more.
Other places nearby to explore are Batu Feringghi and Tanjung Bungah. No matter what area a person finds themselves in, there are a lot of dishes to try that are very unique to that region. It is impossible to try everything in three days, but think outside the box and try anything recommended by locals.
The best time to plan a trip is usually in the December to February time of the year. It might be a little busier, but the weather is tough to beat. Late summer is also somewhat popular, as prices seem to come down a bit since it is not peak times.


Marina Bay in Singapore with Lion statue
Most have heard of Singapore at some point, but it might be one of the top places to visit in Southeast Asia for Australians. It is a pretty short flight, and it has a unique look that makes it different than any other spot. The island city-state is very modern, but there are some natural attractions to escape to as well.
Many people who plan a trip to Singapore will map out each day specifically for vastly different activities. Getting outside and enjoying some of the natural beauty is always best when the weather is nice enough. Heading to the heart of the city allows for endless opportunities to enjoy a trip as well. Sentosa Island is always a popular spot, as it allows for a little bit of everything in one centralized location. Other popular spots to check out include Marina Bay, Makansutra Gluttons Bay, Clarke Quay and more, which are all easy to access.
There is an opportunity to maximize 3 day trip opportunities in Singapore unlike many other locations around the world. It is very organized, easy to travel within, and appears virtually spotless for a getaway experience like no other. On top of all that, English is spoken by nearly everyone, so people don’t have to battle any language barriers.
To enjoy a trip with many outdoor activities planned, look for Asia travel opportunities in February, March, and April. This is usually the time of the year when the temperatures are tolerable, and the chance of rain decreases. With that said, Singapore is a perfect destination with plenty to do 12 months out of the year.

Agra, India

Does the city of Agra not instantly ring a bell? How about one of the most recognizable pieces of architectures in the world, the Taj Mahal? There is more to the region than just visiting the mausoleum. Many people end up doing is making an entire trip to this part of India to see as much as possible. Most 3 days trip options will actually start in Delhi, allowing people to experience New Delhi and Old Delhi to see what Indian has to offer.
It is generally recommended to leave one full day for experiencing the Taj Mahal, and everything surrounding it. There is so much more to a trip to that area than just seeing the main piece of architecture itself. Some people enjoy getting outside and walking around, while others want to stay as relatively comfortable as possible. It is relatively easy to get around, so there are no issues as far as that is concerned.
Tours can range quite a bit in price, so do not get stuck spending a lot of money on something that might not be worth it. Make sure to understand exactly what is included with every tour before putting money down. There are definitely plenty of options, so no one should feel locked in.
Other tips when visiting the Taj Mahal include getting there as early as possible, and picking the right time of year. It opens at 6 AM, and it starts to fill up shortly after on beautiful days. For those who do not want huge crowds, getting there early will allow for a lot more freedom.
The summer gets extremely hot in India, and they can go one of two ways for people looking to plan a three day trip. If the plan is to walk around a lot at the Taj Mahal and surrounding areas, it might be best to stay away from the months of May to October. However, keep in mind that other travellers are thinking the same way, so it will be less crowded for those brave enough to make the trip.
All in all, a visit to Taj Mahal as part of a three day trip is certainly enticing for people who want to cross this off their bucket list. It is a pretty easy trip from Australia to make, and the travel on-ground upon arrival is not too bad. A lot of visitors to Delhi are making the trip to the Taj Mahal as well, so the transportation options and roads are reliable.

General three day vacation in Asia tips

Planning for a short trip might seem like it is not that difficult, but the key is having a successful vacation with as little stress building up as possible. Simply booking flights and having a place to stay is easy enough, but time can quickly go to waste if an itinerary is not put together. Keep these tips in mind to make a successful short trip, as those who just get travel usually make the most of it.

Stay close

With limited time, it is pointless to be a little too ambitious about planning a trip to one of Asia’s top locations. Try to find a location that is interesting, and then maybe a spot or two that is very close by as well. The last thing anybody wants to do is then spend several hours travelling in between locations upon arrival.
Generally speaking, try to stay within about one or two hours of travel time if going to a different location while on holidays in Asias. Anything more than that steals away a huge chunk of the day that entire even the most ambitious travellers out. There are some exceptions to this rule, but 72 hours go by quickly.

Plan activities ahead

If a person knows the activities they definitely want to do upon arrival, it makes the most sense to plan ahead. There are bound to be things that intrigue visitors once they arrive, so pursuing those opportunities take a little bit more time. If something is already known, save the hassle and plan as much as possible.

Travel lightly

A three day trip usually means that people do not need to pack nearly as much as they might think. The most significant contributor to packing too much? Cloths. Make sure to check the weather forecast before taking off for a visit in Asia.
If it’s going to be extremely warm all three days, there is no reason to bring a jacket. There’s also no need to have a dozen different outfits for three days of travel. Packing lightly allows for a lot more flexibility when moving around upon arrival. What people will find is that a lot of locations, especially in Southeast Asia, are very warm. Before signing up to visit Asia, now the location well.

Make the next trip better

The first three day Asia vacation is bound to have a few hiccups here and there. Don’t be too discouraged if everything is not thoroughly explored that first time. Instead, learn from those mistakes and apply them the next time there is a chance to book a trip, hotel, and more. With a little bit of practice, people can start to perfect shorter vacations so they can go to more places. There are several different ideas just for Asia, as noted above. Short Asia trips are available at times for some great prices. Since a few days is not that much of a commitment, spur of the moment opportunities are much easier to pull off once a person knows what they need to do to maximize their time in a new area.

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