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It’s no overstatement to call these times crazy when our lives have been going on a drastically different way since the days the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads relentlessly from this city to another. Ironically, staying at home has been the best way for us to unify in the face of this global health threat and unfortunately it shakes things up, disrupts the way we think about travel, and plans for future travel.
More than ever, we should look ahead: Someday the whole world will return to normal, everything will be easy-going as usual. Once the precautions against Covid-19 are lifted, we’ll be free to head back outside, abroad, over oceans and borders to enjoy the staggering beauty and limitless freedom that only travel can deliver.
Have you planned for a future journey? With Travel like a Dreamer, we inspire you to keep dreaming, write your future adventure today for a better trip tomorrow.

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Holding up tower – Karen Todkill

I love travel . Been to many places. My favorite was Jordan 🇯🇴 Italy 🇮🇹 and Vietnam 🇻🇳. Vietnam as it was my first big trip on my...

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Our Vietnam holiday – Vera Bartlett

My husband and I enjoyed a 22 day holiday touring Vietnam and Cambodia. The sightseeing and the organization was terrific the tour guides were very...

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The wheel in Hanoi – Alan Bartlett

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Vietnam and Cambodia so much History and Culture and the food was to die for and the shopping incredible but the...

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Pizza overlooking Venice Grand Canal – Annie Waters

Drinks and pizza overlooking the Venice Grand Canal is such an amazing holiday, passing the time away with all the busy water traffic is so...

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Excited to be in Asia – Rachael

This is me in Thailand on my first ever solo overseas journey. I traveled for 3 and a half months on my own through 5 countries, all different...

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Isolation Destination Dreaming – Renee Chaumont

Tropical sunshine drenched jungles and grounds, the musical tones of sweet foreign languages and sounds.. Culture filled cities and bustling streets,...

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A Holiday Dream for a Loved up Couple – Cat Olejko

My dream trip has played over and over again in my head for a while now. I havent been overseas yet with my parter of 2 years and our travel plans...

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Notre Dame the heart of Paris – Helen Smith

Visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral in 2018 was a life changing experience. This wondrous architectural vision with its flying buttresses is the...

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Hanoi – Kimmy Thomson

We traveled to Vietnam and had to cut our holiday short due to the virus. We are counting the days a dollars until we can go...

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Munda Festival New Georgia Island – Peter Creagh

It was one of those glorious spring days with a cloudless, bright cobalt blue sky and dancing sunlight on the water as we raced across the lagoon....

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Kindness – Dakota Rose Witchard

A few years ago I was given an amazing chance to see Cambodia through travel and volunteering, my life truly changed after that trip. When you travel...

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Amazing Dream – Natasha Wandji

Last night I had an amazing dream! I whirled around colourful markets, red sand deserts, plodding camels, arched doorways, perfect patterns, mint tea...

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South American Dream holiday – Lynda

I have wished for many years to visit South America in particular Machu Pichu . The history of these ancient civilizations fascinate me , how they...

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Places I would love to visit – Ted Stadler

I would love to see the splendour of the Egyptian life and history. Being able to stand by the Sphynx and visit the museum that holds TutenKamen....

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Vietnam a must go destination – Stephen Edge

On everyone’s mind has been avoiding the unseen hazard. Very soon now the world will be opening up and we’ll have the chance to see...

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From dop dead relaxing to frenetic – Antonia Luscri

Vietnam is a destination where one can travel from a frenzied and bustling city to an area of complete and mystical serenity in a few hours. To get...

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Steven Lang – John Lang

Steven Lang is a article that shows friends his air...

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Travel like a dreamer – Beryl Gregg

To be free and well to spread my wings and see more parts of this magnificent world we all share. To see humanity rise above this never before...

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Travel like a Dreamer – Leanne Woods

Travelled with Asia Vacation Group to Vietnam, fabulous destination, group size and accomodation, along with the guides were A1. Loved HoiAn and...

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The Worst Vacation of My Life – Christine Wenman

Let me share the worst experience of my life … My sister and I wanted to go to Vietnam and Cambodia, especially to see the temples at Siem...

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Cambodia – Mark

We had a fantastic trip to Vietnam with AVG and would like to do another including Cambodia and...

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Vietnam – Katina Zoumis

I’m a Mum of 4 and Support worker for disabled and elderly clients. I would love a holiday I’ve been married now for 15 years and have still not...

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Id love a trip to Vietnam – Bella Murphy

I’ve always been solo travelling. Looking back at the old selfies I took while traveling, it turns out that I need a trip to go back and retake...

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Why Asia Is Top Of My List – Alecia Owens

I would genuinely love to explore Asia so I’ve written a poem attached to a photo of Vietnam that I hope you will enjoy and like to help me win...

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Alberobello city in Bari province of Italy – Henry Smith

The small town of Alberobello in the province of Bari, in Puglia, in southern Italy, is a good example of a traditional non-stucco construction which...

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Cherish the time being together with your family – Brady Jones

It has been a while since I had a great bonding trip with my family on Diep Son island in Vietnam. When Covid-19 pandemic is under control and it is...

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A healthy and balanced preparation for a travel dream – Vanessa Williams

I have a bucket list of the trips of my dream with a timeline to finish in 1 year. Though it is on hold due to the Covid-19 outbreak, I know the...

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I am so lucky to be loved by a husband who loves travelling – Jasmine

I’m an old, old woman, 70th birthday is coming up. During the years when I was single, I almost didn’t go anywhere too far from the city...

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