To fully enjoy your trip without any worries, please be reminded that travel insurance is strongly recommended. You may want to review your existing health insurance plan to determine which medical services being covered during your trip. We, as your travel agency, are able to arrange your vacation insurance.


Our travel insurance business partner is Sure Save - Award-winning Customer Contact Centre (Auscontact NSW State Award, 2016). Below is a brief description of Sure Save package that we offer. SureSave covers:
  • Travel delays when caused by a travel operator
  • Wide range of events, including damaged luggage, delays where the operator is at fault, and rental vehicle insurance excess
  • Overseas medical costs - this includes medical evacuation, medical repatriation and extra trip costs
  • Lost, stolen or damaged luggage and personal items, with option to to add extra cover for valuable items
  • Trip canceled or changed
  • Essentials, with the option to add additional cover for certain events if require
Please note If you decide to take out Travel Insurance on your own, please investigate fully the Travel Insurance policy’s inclusions and exclusions, keep a copy of full conditions, a policy number and an international phone number to contact them. In an emergency, our staff team will help you to contact your travel insurance company.  

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