Tipping Guide During Travel

October 22, 2017
In Asia, tipping etiquette is just a little detail, though not compulsory, it is truly a great significance if you tip for the people who take care of you and provide excellent services during your travel tours. However, sometimes this etiquette becomes the most confusing that you may wonder whom, how much and whether you need to tip at all? Here are some useful tipping guides for your holiday.

Tipping Situations

At the airport or train stations
Upon arrival at airport or train stations, it is common to tip the porter who assists you with your luggage, a standard rate of $1 per bag is commonplace, could be more due to the weight of your luggage. The same rate would be applied to the doormen or the car rental counter when they hail a taxi for you.
At hotels
Bellman, maids, parking attendant and concierge are the main subjects you should tip. Typically, $1 – $2 per bag for the bellman, 3$ – 5$ per day for maids depending on how messy your room is. Just kidding, they work hard so you can have a good sleep at night after a long day so they deserve some good tips, don’t you think? $1 – $2 for parking attendant when they bring you your car and $3 – $5 for a useful advice or reservation activities from the concierge.
At restaurants
Usually, you should tip waiters 10 to 15 percent of the total bill of your meal. Some restaurants in Asia have already included an additional 15 percent service charge on your bill and do not expect tips.
Taxi drivers
10 – 15 percent of the fare to a taxi driver is common.
Tour guides
If you satisfy with the quality of the tour or simply like the tour guide, you can tip $2 – 5$ for a full-day tour. When touring with a large group, you all can contribute money tip together and give the total tip to the tour guide at the end of the tour. Do not forget to tip the bus driver either, $2 – $3 per person per day is recommended.

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