Turquoise Bay – an untapped gem holiday destination of Western Australia

Oct 05, 2020

Consistently voted amongst the top three best beaches in Australia, Turquoise Bay is the highlight of Exmouth’s Cape Range National Park.

The white sand beaches of Turquoise Bay give way to the crystal clear waters of the Ningaloo Reef Lagoon which are brimming with pristine coral gardens just footsteps from the beach. This makes Turquoise Bay one of the Ningaloo region’s premier land-based snorkelling sites.

An excellent snorkel site easily accessible in most conditions, with a rich diversity of coral, fish and other marine life close to shore and an exceptionally beautiful beach and bay.

Known as one of Western Australia’s best beaches, Turquoise Bay is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon relaxing, swimming and snorkelling.

The white, sandy shores give way to clear waters harbouring a plethora of marine life.  Dive into the pristine waters at Turquoise Bay to swim and snorkel within a few metres of Ningaloo Reef.

Diving and snorkelling

Exploring the reef at the snorkel drift is popular at Turquoise Bay. Enter the water at the southern end of the beach and let the current take you over the reef for a fantastic snorkelling experience. Currents can be strong at Turquoise Bay, especially around the sandbar and at the southernmost point of the bay, so please take care.

Inexperienced swimmers wishing to snorkel at Turquoise Bay can seek the services of licensed tour operators if they are unable to find an experienced person to accompany them while snorkelling.

Please remember that this delightful spot is in a sanctuary zone in Ningaloo Marine Park so look but don’t take.

Stay safe

•    Great care needs to be taken when swimming in strong currents. Strong currents are usually confined to the beach immediately west and south of the bay and are caused by a build up of water in the lagoon in front of the reef. Large waves and high tide levels contribute to the amount of water in the lagoon that needs to escape through the gaps in the reef. Inexperienced swimmers should not swim or snorkel in strong currents.

 •    Before entering the water, you should assess the current from the beach and seek advice from others with sound local knowledge. If unsure, be cautious and simply enjoy the beach or swim well inside the bay where there is less likelihood of encountering strong currents. Park rangers do not regularly patrol the beaches at Turquoise Bay.

While our international borders are closed and you have the opportunity to experience this incredible place in relative seclusion as we did, I strongly encourage you to keep an eye out for cheap flights to Perth and put this on your travel agenda.

It’s a truly special part of the world.