Top Fascinating Destinations To Travel In 2021

August 26, 2020

When will the travel restrictions be lifted? – is on everyone’s mind these days. No one has idea how much the reality of travelling would change in just a few next month while right now everything is still in the middle of utter disruption due to the coronavirus. Nevertheless, every year we look ahead and look forward to a brighter travel future, we are always wanting to find others, to go off-grid and to discover a new part of the world.

Our wish list of best vacation destinations for 2021 include countries that stand out for their proactive handling of the crisis. Other countries are far from the rest of the world in geographic distance and seem to have been sheltered during the height of the pandemic.

Where to travel in 2021?

World map for searching most favorite destinations


One of Australia’s best-kept secrets lies a two-hour flight off the Eastern coast of Sydney. It is named Norfolk Island – one of top picks for the best secret islands in Australia is a quiet paradise, often overlooked yet unforgettable once found.

Norfolk Island – the perfect escape in 2021

This quiet oasis would make the perfect escape in 2021, especially for Aussies looking to explore closer to home. It’s a friendly place where waving to everyone you pass is mandatory, cows have right of way and everyone knows everyone else. It’s the only place in the world where the telephone book lists people under their nicknames, such as Drill, Bing, Diddles and Spud. No wonder the locals reckon it’s “Da Bass Side Orn Earth” (the best place on Earth).

Please note there are flights on certain days of the week and limited accommodation on the island. For this reason, it is best to plan your visit in advance and don’t miss:

  • Explore one of the best preserved convict settlements in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Swim in the iconic Emily Bay and snorkel over coral and friendly fish
  • Explore nature in the National Parks and Botanical Gardens


Aotearoa or The Land of the Long White Cloud is the Maori name of the country that many associate with Middle Earth, the wondrous land of The Lord of the Rings books and films. Besides, New Zealand stands out for the most sought-after destinations in the world with its snow-capped mountains, ancient glaciers, rolling hills, and copious amounts of wine, it’s such an unbeatable destination unlike all others.

Starting with Auckland on the top of the North Island, you’ll end up in Rotorua for a soak in the mud spas and a close look at Maroi culture.

From jagged glacial mountains to long sandy beaches, New Zealand is a feast for the eyes.

From there move on to the capital Wellington and from there cross to the South Island’s biggest city Christchurch, maybe stopping in the wineries of Marlborough and at the Hanmer Springs on the way. Moving further south, admire the lush green Catlins before “tramping” (hiking) the Rakiura Track. You may end up in the “wop-wops” (the middle of nowhere), but really isn’t that the point?

Apart from dramatic vistas at every turn, one thing is for sure that anyone who makes the journey here are amply rewarded with a wonderfully diverse array of experiences from walking in the mountains, spotting rare yellow-eyed penguins and cruising on one of the peaceful waterways of the sounds, to sampling some of the world’s finest wines.


Though Vietnam looks small on the map, this country is an endless string of surprise, many things to do, many places to go. Your choice to discover Vietnam and integrate into the friendly local life depends on you. Visitors normally choose a dynamic journey from the intense hustle of Hanoi to the lackadaisical chaos of Ho Chi Minh City, from hikes through the graceful terraced rice paddies of Sapa in the north to relaxing on the white sandy beaches of the (visa-free) island of Phu Quoc in the south.

Muong Hoa valley, Vietnam, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

The toughest person must admit the romance and peace of a magnificently cool and beautiful Sapa

Da Lat is known as the city of eternal springtime for its temperate climate; coastal Da Nang also offers easy access to the resort of Ba Na Hills and the much photographed Golden Bridge.

Anyway, if you have limited time to visit Vietnam, make sure to put your foot on Hoi An to enjoy special time when walking out by the river in the Ancient Town

Hoi An’s Ancient Town is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, a must-see destination in Vietnam.


Thailand is a tourism country you must have to go to, people flock here to get their slice of paradise, longing for azure turquoise blue waters and palm-fringed beaches. And why do we introduce just Ko Phi Phi, not others?

It’s definitely the best if you want a warmer destination, the fantastic Ko Phi Phi islands in the south of Thailand, not only it’s located between amazing tourist hubs like Phuket and Krabi [Phi Phi actually belongs to Krabi Province], it’s got stunning features and activities to keep you busy, while it still remains as a tropical, laid back island where no cars or roads exist.

Here you’ll be able to catch the sun, swim with exotic fish, go on boat rides and basically wear anything but that winter coat.

Koh Phi Phi is a piece of Asian paradise boasting aqua waters, golden sands and idyllic seascapes. And there is much here for the adventure-seeker as well as the beach-goer; a region brimming with hidden treasures and awesome activities. It would be recommended for you to stay for at least 3 days, so you have enough time to enjoy Phi Phi island boat tours and take the adventure to the next level by amazing diving activity. So many colors, so much life, so many fish, Nemos, corals, turtles, friendly sharks and much more that is like swimming in an aquarium.


After being closed to visitors since March 27, Maldives reopened to international tourists in July. You don’t need to imagine yourself on one of these paradise islands, you can go now to be served beautiful presented dishes in the peace and quiet of your own villa. As you enjoy this amazing repast, you can watch a rainbow of fish in water so clear only the diamonds of light on the surface hint at its presence. Though everyone says travel cost in Maldives is expensive but it’s not just for the rich and famous!

Though everyone says travel cost in Maldives is expensive but it’s not just for the rich and famous

The Maldives is made up of 26 atolls filled with over 1,000 islands (only 200 are inhabited) occupied by dozens of resorts, all spread out over 90,000 square kilometers in the Indian Ocean. While some tourists visit the mosque and markets in the capital Malé, the real appeal is the resort islands of the Maldives, each resort built on a separate uninhabited island, ideal in these times when physical distancing is a sought-after attribute. Activities include scuba diving, snorkelling, fishing and wind-surfing.

The best time to visit the Maldives is during the driest months from December to April but even if rain is possible the rest of the year, chances are it won’t interrupt your idyllic holiday for long.


Botswana is one of the African nations that has been least affected by Covid 19, thanks to a rapid response to close borders and enforce a nation-wide lockdown. Countries who have limited the spread and acted efficiently will be the popular first choice for travellers who are nervous crossing borders, but desperate for an escape.

Discover the exciting history, language and culture of Botswana

There are many great lodges in the Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert that are isolated and offer full-board for travellers.


From soft adventures snorkeling mellow coral reefs to white water rafting and multi-day hikes into Fiji’s hinterlands, you’ll never run out of things to do in this spectacular corner of the South Pacific.

The 300 islands that make up Fiji are known for their breath-taking natural beauty. Beaches of course play a big role in this island destination, but there are more things to do in Fiji than lounging on the sand. Snorkelling in Yasawas or scuba diving in the Rainbow Reef off of Taveuni are popular.

The 300 islands that make up Fiji are known for their breath-taking natural beauty.

One of the best things to do in Fiji is discovering the vibrant island from above. If you want a unique view of Fiji, you can take a helicopter tour from Nadi International Airport to the Mamanuca Islands. Sure it is expensive, but those aerial views from the helicopter are oh-so-sensational!

Eat lovo (barbecue wrapped in taro leaves and cooked buried in hot coals) and drink kava, the local muddy moonshine — at least once. People in Fiji couldn’t be more hospitable, so drinking a shot is polite acknowledgement of a warm welcome. And after a day of exploration and activities, have a banana leaf massage, including a scrub made of sugar and coconut, and banana leaf body wrap.


The island country of Sri Lanka is known as the gem of the Indian Ocean. With diverse landscapes and cultures spread across the different regions of Sri Lanka, there really is something for everyone. The culture and food of Sri Lanka are incredibly unique and will captivate you throughout your adventures.

The South west coast of Sri Lanka, though little crowded, is famous for its beaches, coral reefs in close proximity to the shores and ideal for snorkelling, diving among a long lost wreck now a paradise to a multitude of sea life. And if you are seeking a remote and secluded beach, the ones in the Deep South and East of Sri Lanka are the best. Sri Lanka is one on the best places to see the Big 04, elusive Sri Lankan leopard, elephant, bear & whale, whether in “Willpattu” National park, a habitat similar to the everglades in the north or “Yala” National Park, in the south or one of the many other national parks that lie in between. Catch a camp safari tour or a jeep safari tour to witness the elephant and Sri Lankan Leopard, or the black bear. Take a boat tour to see the spinner dolphins or a Blue whale pod in Mirissa in the South, Kalpitiya in the North West or Trincomalee in the East coast.


The best time to travel to Sri Lanka – The island country of Sri Lanka is known as the gem of the Indian Ocean

What you are thinking of where you will be headed in 2021 adventure? All above the country list is to help fuel your wanderlust. Choices you have on your radars for next year may range from a pair of dreamy Australia island to an Asian country redefining travel to Maldives where our eyes, your spirit and your body are all fed, and the inner you gives a sigh. But here’s the thing: No matter whether you decide to travel, whether you go near or far, the most important thing is to get out there and explore and discover. As the writer Hans Christian Andersen once said, “To travel is to live.”


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