Mui Ne beach – a bona fide adventurer’s haven

November 30, 2022

Mui Ne is a small coastal village located on the Southeast coast of Vietnam. Known best for its thriving water sports community and sandy beaches, with a total length of about 50 kilometers, Mui Ne’s long beach is quiet and serene which is great for walks, jogging, and spectacular sunsets. Here you can lie on the deck chair, blow the sea breeze, listen to the sound of the waves, watch fishermen pull nets, pick up shells, or go on the thrilling tour of Windsurfing. 

What to see and do?

As well as being one of Asia’s main hubs for kiteboarding, Mui Ne beach is also the destination of choice for a whole bunch of other traveling types: beach lovers, honeymooners, retirees…This town has a lot to offer whether you are an adventurer or a laid-back traveler.

White Sand Dunes

Watching the sunrise on white sand dunes will no doubt be one of your highlights here in Mui Ne. You can either pay a jeep to take you out or hire an ATV. It is a nice stroll and since it is the morning the heat of the day hasn’t started yet. The white sand dunes are large enough that you can find your own little private spot to watch the sunrise and get away from the rest of the crowds.

The Fishing Village 

You can’t rightly visit Mui Ne without making a trip to the traditional fishing village. For the locals, this is one of the main hubs of activity in town, and from a visitor’s eyes, it’s probably the best reflection of what life in ‘real’ Mui Ne is actually like. Seeing the fisherman pulling in their catch is an awesome experience as you can also see all the brightly colored fishing boats bobbing around in the water.

Red Sand Dunes

These are a lot more touristy than the white sand dunes simply because they back right onto the road, which means you can often find large tour buses here. At red sand dunes,  you are able to hire a sandboard and fly down the dunes.

Ta Cu Mountain

Hiking Ta Cu mountain is one of the most noteworthy on-land outdoor activities in the area. It is home to one of the few decent hiking trails around Mui Ne, and is covered in super lush jungle and filled with wildlife. Here you can see Buddhist statues, pagodas, and a huge reclining Buddha, which is actually the biggest one in Vietnam. You can choose to hike up the mountain- which is totally doable, even though some of the paths is pretty overgrown- or take the 10-minute cable car to the top.

What to eat?

Mui Ne is a coastal town famous for diverse seafood sources, from luxury to popular dishes, serving all needs of the diners. Coming to Mui Ne, you must try ‘Muc mot nang’, which are fresh squids that have been dried in the sun for one day. The squid, grilled with chilies and lemon and then served in fish sauce, is available anywhere in the city. Another local favorite is steamed fish named ‘Thiet giap bien’ (sea amour) because of its square shape and the patterns on its body. This fish is juicy and nutritious, especially when combined with the flavors of aromatic herbs, salty fish sauce, and sweet griddlecake. 

As there are tons of great resties in town, you can eat pretty much whatever you fancy here: Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Russian, Italian, French, fresh seafood, BBQ, vegetarian/vegan… You name it, one of the Mui Ne restaurants has probably got it.

Weather in Mui Ne

There is not a lot of variance in the weather in Mui Ne. On average, the warmest month in Mui Ne is May while the coolest is January. The rainy season lasts from May to early November with October being the wettest month. 


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