Have you travelled to Kimberley – the mysterious land that makes visitors forget their way back home

August 28, 2020

A journey to Kimberley is like getting lost in a fairytale land or like a voyage of sailors Simbad, where there is only a turquoise lake between steep cliffs, full of jewels, pearls and diamonds. The more you go into the Kimberley, the more you are attracted to its exotic natural landscapes. There are the honeycomb-shaped sandstone ranges that change colors based on different times of day, the turquoise waterfalls created by tidal currents or you may meet the antelopes running and jumping freely in the wilderness. The wild and mysterious Kimberley in the Northwest of Australia will surprise you from the very first expression.

Discovered Pentecost Australian kimberly

There are many ways for you to explore the land of Kimberley. You can choose to fly over the Bungle Bungle Range, drive across the Gibb River Road or visit an Aboriginal community on the Dampier Peninsula. The rich wildlife and the luminous artistic traditions of Kimberley are hiding many mysteries waiting for you to discover.

Amazing adventurous scenes

Australia’s Kimberley region is best known for its impressive natural landmarks such as the beehive-shaped rock formations in the Bungle Bungle, Lake Argyle – Australia’s second-largest freshwater man-made reservoir by volume, the Ord River and steep waterfalls in the Mitchell Plains.

When exploring the wilderness of Kimberley, visitors often come to the famous River Pentecost. The most interesting feeling is to self-drive across the river by car. However, only in the dry season can we drive like that. Although the road crossing the river is not so long, it is enough to make people feel excited.

exploring the wilderness of Kimberley

As a land of farms that raise poultry and cattle, one of the interesting activities travellers love when visiting Kimberley is to experience the life of cowboys riding on the grasslands. If visiting Kimberley from April to the end of October, you may have chances to enjoy a “horse-chasing” competition here. The player will be riding a horse to chase the nearby cows and separating them into groups as required by the organizers.

 The indigenous life of Kimberley

What hardly can be recorded by writing or even filming is the warm heart and hospitality of the locals here.

 The indigenous life of Kimberley

Mitchell Kimberley Falls Australia

Among countless ways to learn about the culture of the land and explore the Kimberley, we recommend travellers to try spending a day in a traditional aboriginal community on the Dampier Peninsula. You will definitely enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, fishing and crab fishing with local guides. Seeing ancient rock art in Drysdale National Park or on the distant Mitchel Plateau with the local guides is the best way to learn about the Kimberley.

Abundant wildlife

Birds, animals, aquatic species and prehistoric reptiles seem to dominate the Kimberley region for years. When you are back home, the most memorable scenes of a trip to Kimberley is to sail along the Ord River, passing the saltwater crocodiles, the mountain of kangaroos and hundreds of bird species. Don’t forget to visit Broome’s Roebuck Bay, the home to native birds and a transition site for migratory birds between September and April. Another birdwatcher paradise that will overwhelm you is a nature reserve Parrys Lagoon and Marlgu Billabong, near Wyndham.

Abundant wildlife of Kimberley

Australia’s diamond land

Kimberley is not only a place with charming sceneries but also the land of precious mineral resources, especially diamonds.

Diamond mine of Kimberley

Diamond mining in Kimberley has a long history of Australia. From about 4,000 years ago, this land was inhabited by Aboriginal people. The typical culture of the tribes here always brings curiosity to visitors. It is said that this mine has many gems, including pink diamonds. The entrance pipeline to the gemstone quarrying site is a man-built pathway to the ground, leading to a depth of 250 meters.

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