Have you heard “Covid normal” may be achieved by Christmas and international travel will soon be kickstarted?

November 12, 2020

Time flies pretty fast since the Covid-19 virus came and affected our daily lives. It is November already and fortunately, we can start having some good news on potential liftings of travel restrictions.


At the annual meeting of airlines, Mr Joyce and chairman Richard Goyder expressed the hope of launching new routes in Asia and the Pacific, one of which includes Taiwan and South Korea. Some other countries such as New Zealand, Japan and parts of North Asia including Singapore and China are likely to form travel bubbles with Australia. The governments are discussing cautiously on this and New Zealand’s case seems to be a good sign as New Zealanders now can officially travel into Australia without quarantine arrangements.

Scott Morrison toured the Astra Zeneca laboratories in August after the government signed an agreement with them to produce the Oxford University coronavirus vaccine. Picture: Nick Moir

Scott Morrison on a tour to the Astra Zeneca laboratories in August after the government signed an agreement with them to produce the Oxford University coronavirus vaccine. Picture: Nick Moir

Today, state and territory leaders at the National Cabinet will be discussing a plan to kickstart international travel. It is expected to be about the reopening of border and vaccine rollout plan. Matters such as how many people needed to be vaccinated for international travel to resume, what alternative arrangements could be for visitors from low-risk countries and if the nation’s internal borders could be opened by Christmas may be discussed. Everyone seems to be excited about the premier’s announcements.

Mr. Morrison said positively that Australia is making good progress as it was fast-tracking the approval of two of Australia’s four coronavirus vaccine supplies. Once examined safe, it will be distributed across the country, firstly in the hospitals and respiratory clinics and then as general practices being used as part of the immunisation plan.

Besides, bushfire royal commission report released last month will be brought up for discussion.


Japan and Bali are among popular travel destinations of Aussies for a long time but there will be new contenders after the international borders are open as safe is now one of the criteria when considering travel abroad.


As being one of the safest countries regarding Covid-19 pandemic (today is the 72th consecutive day without COVID-19 infections in Vietnam’s community), Vietnam is in the top list to travel even in the last quarter of 2020.


Ha Long Bay, a filming location in Kong: the Skull Island movie and the most popular destination in Vietnam

It takes about 6 – 10 hours to fly from Australia to Vietnam and you will be amazed at the breathtaking landscapes, mouth-watering cuisines as well as unique cultural history in different provinces.

One of the most popular destinations of Vietnam that almost all Aussies have been checked in at is Ha Long Bay – a filming location in Kong: the Skull Island movie – where is not far away from the capital city. Other tempting destinations are Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Con Dao, Da Nang etc, each of which is so special that even Vietnamese travellers repeatedly come to visit on their holidays and vacations.


“I never forget the taste of ‘pho’ in Vietnam, it’s amazing”

A must-have dish to try is ‘phở’ (beef noodle) and do not forget ‘bánh mì’, a kind of baguette with a diversity of fillings. There are many more local foods that you should have spent a month here to explore as the dishes vary in different provinces throughout the country. The truth is that all are so good that you may want to stay here more and more. You know what, Gordon Ramsay – a famous British chef cook – said that he was lucky enough not to be born in Vietnam because he might not be considered good at cooking here!


“Banh mi” of Vietnam is commented as the best baguette of the world

What’s more? Vietnam is incredibly inexpensive which is great for budget travellers. We know how Covid-19 affected everyone but don’t we still deserve a holiday? If you can splash out on luxury hotels if affordable as well because 4 and 5-star hotels in Vietnam are available for a better rate than in other parts of the world.

South Korea

South Korea is one of the nation mentioned by Prime Minister Scott Morrison as one of the few countries that Australia has been discussing the concept of travel bubbles with. In the fight with Covid-19 pandemic, this country has done all necessary rules and restrictions and succeed in suppressing the spread of COVID-19.


Jeju island – The island is such an idyllic paradise of heavenly beaches and incredible waterfalls

Amazing food, natural beauty, fabulous shopping and rich culture are other attractions of South Korea. Not to mention a lot of amazing beach and surf culture here are ideal for Aussies to discover. If you are having the intention to visit South Korea, add in Jeju island to your bucket list. The island is such an idyllic paradise of heavenly beaches and incredible waterfalls.

Mount Hallasan in winter

Visit South Korea for a great skiing experience on Mount Hallasan

Skiing, diving and hiking are also appealing activities here. Plan your trip at the right time and head to Mount Hallasan, the highest mountain in South Korea. If you are travelling when it is not winter, Yeongdong ice climbing venue is a good famous replacement to ski. If it is not adventurous enough for you, go diving without oxygen or gears with Haenyeo women divers is absolutely thrilling and worths trying.

Above all, we are all expecting good news keeps coming and our lives are better and better. Have a good effective day!

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