Best Beach Vacations in Southeast Asia

April 9, 2020

A trip or vacation tour to Southeast Asia almost always includes at least a little bit of beach time. After all, nearly the entire region is warm enough throughout the year to enjoy the beach and catch a tan while on vacation.
For some countries, their beaches are one of the main attractions that bring millions of tourists each year. Having natural beauty that is usually only seen in photographs can entice anyone to label a location as a possible vacation spot.
From short excursions too long, planned out travel tours, identifying the best beaches that seem enticing first will allow for more comfortable travel later on. The areas below are all some of the best in the region for beaches. A great starting point is visiting the top beach in the area, and branching off from there. The top beach won’t be the favourite of everyone, but it’s worth checking out to see

Koh Yao Noi Island in Phuket, Thailand

Southeast Asia – more than just beautiful places with beaches

The best thing is all these areas in Southeast Asia are more than just beautiful places with beaches. There is also history, culture, entertainment, and more available. This means that if time at the beach gets old or the weather isn’t ideal, there is still plenty to do throughout the day.
In this guide, we look at all of the Southeast Asia countries known for beaches. Before visiting, travellers will have a better understanding of where to find the best beaches, when peak beach season is, and more.


Best overall beach weather: November to March

James Bond Island Beach, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

November to march is the best time for beach weather in Thailand

Due to the unique shape of Thailand, it makes for some very different weather. The one constant is considerable rainfall between May and September. The first few months of this time is the monsoon season, which means not only a lot of rain, but hot weather and sticky nights. It is hard to do everything a person wants at the beach during this time of year, as plans need rescheduling.
Towards the end of the summer and early fall, it rains a lot. This is when it is most prone to flood in Thailand. Most Australians don’t bother trying to go at this time of year because of that.
It is worth noting that they will be dry spells throughout the summer that will randomly pop-up. For travellers somewhat close Asia, this might be worth monitoring for a quick excursion to Thailand. Taking advantage of some beautiful weather during the non-peak season is pretty beneficial.
For those who can’t get away quickly for something like that, the most common dry and beautiful time of the year for people is November through March or April.

The Best Beaches in Thailand

Phuket Island

Phu Ket Wooden Pier, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

Beaches – biggest draw to Phuket Island

There are very few places in all of Asia better than Phuket Island to visit for those who want to see the beach up close and personal. It is a relatively small beach, but it is rarely packed so much for individuals or families to get frustrated. With so much to see and do in the area, it is impossible to get bored.
The beaches are the biggest draw to Phuket Island, with over 40 scattered around. There is a good variety of beaches available so that visitors aren’t just stuck going to the same one the entire time. With so many different options, there are specific beaches available for just about any activity.

Kata Beach

The one beach that stands out most is Kata Beach, known for its fantastic sand, picturesque views, surfing, snorkelling and so much more.

Most people who visit Phuket Island for the first time feel blown away with just how laid-back the atmosphere is. Even though it is very popular, and Kata Beach, in particular, has a lot of people around during peak season, it still feels very secluded and laid-back in so many ways. It is spacious enough that people are never feeling crammed next to strangers, which is always a plus when setting up shop on the beach.
Some of the other great beaches on the island include Freedom Beach, Kata Noi Beach and Surin Beach. There is not a bad beach on the island, which is going to make it very easy to explore without possibly making a poor decision.
The best part is, Asian Vacation Group has a few tours that specifically stop at Phuket Island and allow people to enjoy a free day at the beach. Having a chance to unwind and see all the natural beauty that goes with it is certainly fantastic. Other activities around the island make it very enjoyable for people who don’t want to take part in going to the beach. Maybe it is not the best day weatherwise, or a person just wants to explore something else and learn a little bit more about the area.


Best Time To Visit Malaysia: West coast islands December-April, east coast islands April to October.

Malaysia’s unique layout also gives it a pretty unique weather throughout the year. While the whole country is close enough to the equator that it is almost always warm enough for the beach, weather varies quite a bit depending on what islands a person plans on visiting.
The west coast islands of Penang, Langkawi, and Pangkor are best to visit during the months of December through April. Those who are heading to the east coast will get the driest weather from April to October.
Even if it is considered dry season, people visiting should always be prepared for rain. When it rains in Malaysia, it can hit pretty hard, but the good news is that it dries up quickly as well. This allows people to get back to the beach and anything else they enjoy instead of having to wait around for too long.

Best Beaches in Malaysia: Langkawi

A visit to Malaysia gives people ample opportunities to explore a number of beaches around the country, but heading to Langkawi Island is the best way to go. Many believe that it is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, and if travellers can get there, it’s well worth spending time there as a way to relax.
Located off the northwestern coast of Malaysia, it’s very close to the border with Thailand. It’s not too far away from Phuket Island, and weather patterns are roughly the same for both islands. Some people will try to swing it and visit both on the same visit, while others might think it is a bit overkill to go to two places that offer a lot of the same things.

Pantai Cenang

Pantai Tengah Beach –  amazing views of the mountains from afar

There are numerous beaches for people to choose from, but the top spot for people who want to see the best beach around is Pantai Cenang. It’s very easy to get to from the airport, which is always nice for those who are on vacation and just want to get right to relaxation. Anyone who travels with kids also understands that the faster they can get to relax somewhere, the better.
During peak season, the beach can get a little crowded, and they allow people to bring many different types of transportation onto the beach as well. For example, it’s not crazy to see bikes, ATVs, boats, and even vehicles on the sand from time to time. It takes away from the beauty for some people, but it also shows just everything available for people if they want to take a vantage.
The beach is known for some pretty impressive guided scuba tours as well for people who want to take in this unique part of the world. Many Australians who are visiting for the first time might have an interest in scuba diving, but never in this area before have they been underwater. It’s something different for people to explore, and it’s very affordable to do even in the heart of a tourist area.
Looking for other great beaches in the Langkawi area? Pantai Tengah Beach is usually a bit more laid back, and has amazing views of the mountains from afar. Pantai Kok is a bit of a hike away from the rest of the tourist areas. Since it is a bit secluded, that is why it is underdeveloped and primitive. Some people love this undeveloped look and seclusion, and it certainly helps that it has very clear water and some of the whitest sand on the island.


Best time to visit Vietnam: October to February

There is over 2000 miles of coastline in Vietnam, and that provides a pretty wide range of weather for travellers to handle. The good news is that no matter what time of year a person decides to go to Vietnam, there is probably a location where beaches are perfect for visiting.
In the northern part of Vietnam, weather can get a little chilly during the winter months. This is the cool season, and might be a little too cool at times for people who want to visit the local beaches. For those who don’t mind it not being extremely warm, this is a wonderful opportunity to go and experience all types of activities near the beach. Just know that the water might be too cold before going in.
Head to the south, and Vietnam has a much more traditional Southeast Asia weather pattern. Monsoons can hit pretty regularly during the summer months, and some travellers believe it is just too unpredictable to visit during this time of year. Instead, they usually wait until the fall so that the weather calms down a bit, and it’s still warm enough to do everything. It is a lot warmer and drier from October to February in the south, and getting in the water is never a problem either.
It rains a lot in Vietnam, so always have a backup plan before scheduling a trip that heavily relies on rest at the beach. This will allow people to feel a lot less upset later on if beach time is limited. However, as long as visitors do travel during non-heavy rain times, there will be some beautiful weather to enjoy all the coastline.

Best Beaches in South Vietnam: Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Beach, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

Phu Quoc Island beaches

Trying to pick the best beach in all of Vietnam is a difficult task. Since there are so many beaches all over the coastline, the question could have several different answers. For those travelling to Vietnam and doing so with a tour, convenience should always be part of the equation. More and more tours are including a stop at the largest island in Vietnam to see not only the beaches, but all the history as well.
Phu Quoc Island is a beautiful area of Vietnam, located in the Gulf of Thailand. It is tucked underneath Cambodia, just west of the southern part of Vietnam. Its location doesn’t keep it out of danger when it comes to monsoon season, but there are plenty of beautiful days for visitors to enjoy. It always seems to have more consistently great weather than surrounding areas on the mainland of Cambodia and Vietnam.
The island is home to a lot of different beaches, and most visitors will check out at least a few depending on their goals on the trip.

Long Beach

There are a lot of quality beach options on to pick from on Phu Quoc Island. Why Long Beach? Well, for starters, as the name implies, there is a lot of space for people to explore if they want to. Unlike some beaches across the world that are very popular and small, there is no risk of Long Beach getting incredibly packed. Most travellers will stay close to where their resort is, but getting out and exploring can turn a beach day into a hiking day as well.
Long Beach has some of the most transparent water on the island, and the waves stay pretty calm at all times as well. It’s commercialized enough that there are countless activities, restaurants and more to check out. For those who simply want a nice, relaxing beach, they have that right in front of them as well.
Other options for people who are visiting include Ong Lang Beach, Bai Sao and Dai Beach. They all have their own uniqueness to them, and none of them are nearly as developed as Long Beach. Most of them are free to explore for all visitors, but make sure to check beforehand if it seems like an area might have limited access only for residents and guests at resorts.
Making the trip to Phu Quoc Island is pretty simple for those who are interested in doing a for Asian tour. In fact, Asian Vacation Group has started including a few different tours that offer a trip to this island. It can sometimes be a logistical nightmare for people to schedule a trip here when doing their own itinerary, but tours will allow for a day or two of full expiration with no limitations.

Best Beach in Central Vietnam: Nha Trang

For more centrally located beach getaway while visiting Vietnam, Nha Trang is a spot worth considering. It is a city on the South Central Coast of Vietnam, with plenty of things to do besides going to the beaches as well. Visitors will often spend an equal amount of time exploring all the rich history within the city, while also heading to the beach for rest and relaxation. Due to the city’s location, there are a lot of different things to see and do that don’t relate to the beach. This is why it is so easy to include this stop in a tour of Vietnam or Southeast Asia.
When compared to Phu Quoc Island, the weather is a little cooler and dryer around the year. The rainiest part of the season is actually in October and November, with rain season in general stretching from September to December. This opens up the first eight months of every year as a great time to visit, just as long as people can tolerate very warm temperature. In June and July, temperatures can climb into the mid-30s Celsius.

Nha Trang Beach

There are a lot of beaches in the area that bring in a ton of vacationers every single year. What makes this beach unique is that it is right in the heart of the city. It’s a must-visit for anyone in Nha Trang, which is why so many come back from their visit ranking it as the best on the trip. It is not only a beautiful beach, but the city takes a lot of pride in having this right in their city for easy access. A beach just steps away from the heart of downtown is pretty remarkable.
A lot of travellers will head here if they are staying close by, or if they were busy spending time exploring other parts of the city. Just be aware that it does get very busy during the holidays, and it lacks a little bit of privacy since it’s so close to big buildings.
It might not end up being the favourite for everyone, but it’s certainly a memorable beach everyone to try out at least once. Others in the area that might offer a bit more seclusion include Hon Tam Beach, Bai Tien Beach and Bai Tru Beach. None of them beat the convenience of a beach right in the heart of the city, but they are all reachable within about 30 minutes of travel.

Beach at Tre island in Nha Trang, Vietnam, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

Nha Trang – one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam


Best time to visit Cambodia: October to May
Cambodia has a similar weather pattern to a lot of countries in Southeast Asia, with two weather seasons that rarely change at all. It makes scheduling visits to Cambodia pretty easy, because a reasonable guess is possible on what type of weather one should expect.

The Cambodian beaches are all located on the Gulf of Thailand, and it’s warm enough in that area 12 months out of the year to enjoy beach weather. It’s best to wait until the months of October to May for dry season so that a beach day doesn’t get rained out. Monsoon season starts at the beginning of the summer, and lasts for at least four months.
For those who only enjoy going to the beach if it is hot, try waiting until March, April and May. These are going to be the hottest months with still a limited chance of rain. It’s also not incredibly humid just yet at this time, which makes for a comfortable visit to any other beaches.

Best beaches in Cambodia: Koh Rong

The Cambodian coastline isn’t as long as a lot of other Southeast Asian countries, but there are still some great excursions to consider. No matter where a person ends up visiting, they are pretty close to a beach that they can utilize for some relaxation.
For those looking for the best of the best in Cambodia, heading to the small island of Koh Rong is the way to go. It is just a short ferry ride from the city of Sihanoukville, and it opens up a bunch of options that are beautiful with minimal commercialization. Cambodia takes a lot of pride in making sure that commercialization stays at a minimum, and this is a perfect example of that. Many visitors pick this location specifically because they don’t seem to care about maximizing tourism dollars with every little new addition.

Long Set Beach

The best beach in the area is Long Set Beach, which provides people with some crystal clear waters, beautiful white sand, amazing views from afar, and a good share of unique wildlife. It’s very convenient to get to compared to the other beaches, which is always a positive for people who are trying to get around quickly and efficiently. Everyone always seems to be in a great mood as well. This is always pleasing for people who don’t want to put too much stress on what is supposed to be a relaxing vacation.
It has grown to the point that there are a lot of different activities for people to take advantage of at Long Set Beach. If it is not available at this beach, there’s probably one close by that offers options as well. People enjoy swimming and snorkelling in very clean water. For people who don’t want to get into the water, there’s always plenty of options as far as hiking goes in the nearby rainforest.
For a unique Cambodian experience, this is definitely a tour stop worth exploring. It might not have the same name recognition as some of the other beach destinations in Southeast Asia, but as soon as a person sees it in person, it’s hard to deny its beauty.
Sihanoukville Beach, Cambodia is included in Cambodia tours offered by Asia Vacation Group.

Sihanoukville Beach, Cambodia


Best time to visit: November to April (north of equator), April to September (south of equator)

Indonesia is one of the most unique countries in Southeast Asia when it comes to weather. It mostly comes down to the position of the country in relation to the equator. There is a good amount of Indonesia that is north of the equator, but some of the most popular travel destinations happen to be south of the equator. This keeps them on a somewhat similar seasons schedule with Australia for those who are occasionally confused.
Weather flips based on the equator. The north tends to have its dry seasons running from November to April, while south of the equator will run anywhere from April to September. This does give travellers a lot of opportunities to see Indonesia 12 months out of the year, but it could be limiting from a beach perspective to go to all the locations a person once.
Island weather changes in a hurry. It is essential for anyone visiting Indonesia to understand that as much as possible. It can be very problematic if a person is stuck in a vulnerable situation when a storm comes in. Think about being out on the water, in the middle of a hike, etc. Always pay attention to weather advisories in any location in Southeast Asia, but whether switches pretty dramatically in Indonesia particularly.

Best Beaches in Northern Indonesia

Derawan Island
The southern part of the country gets most of the attention for their beaches and overall beauty. There are some hidden gems in northern Indonesia as well though, especially if a person does enough research. It is not like the weather is terrible here either, as it is so close to the equator that it stays warm throughout the year.

A lot of scuba divers and snorkelers know all about Derawan Island. There is a lot to see and do in the area, and they go through considerable measures to ensure that there is no damage to the natural beauty. Almost all of the lodges and resorts are very eco-friendly, even going as far as building wooden platforms that stretch directly to the ocean.
Visitors are also in for a treat if they enjoy seeing some amazing marine life up close and personal. There are a lot of dolphin sightings, sea turtles roaming around, coconut crabs and more. For travellers who find themselves heading towards Indonesia during the dry season for the country north of the equator, this is a perfectly good destination.

Derawan Beach
The entire island is a great place to see and explore, but a lot of people enjoy the beach that shares the same name the most. It has a lot of space for people to spread out and relax if they want. Since so many people use the beach as another way to explore, there are plenty of visitors doing precisely that at any given time.

Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit of money to try out all the different activities offered directly from the beach. It is amazingly inexpensive for those people who maybe hesitated in other locations before due to price.

Best Beaches in Southern Indonesia


This Indonesian island certainly has an international reputation these days as one of the best vacation spots in the world. For people who are looking for a tropical experience on the beach, it doesn’t get much better.
Indonesia has quite a few different locations for people who really enjoy living the beach life. There is a lot of coastline around the country, but Bali has grown to become a pretty huge tourist destination in general.
From an Australian point of view, Bali is one of the most accessible places to get to in Southeast Asia as well. It is about a six- or seven-hour flight from Melbourne to Bali, for example, which allows people to make shorter (2-3 day) trips there if they wish. Some will do this, while others will make a trip to Bali part of a longer tour through other countries.

Kuta Beach

Bali is a pretty big island with plenty of beaches to explore, so it is sometimes tough to decide which one is best once there. Everyone has their preferences, but Kuta Beach is the ideal starting point for anyone visiting Bali for the first time. It has grown into a huge tourist destination that is sometimes very packed, but everyone needs to check out the beach at least once while they are there. If it feels like it is too full, there are plenty of other options, but nothing quite matches this location.
Surfers from all around the world will head to the beach because of the challenging waves it sometimes offers. When the waves are just right, there are bound to be some very talented surfers taking the waves on. There are surfing lessons for those intrigued enough to get out there themselves, as well as swimming, snorkelling, and anything else one can think of.
More laid-back beaches that are still fairly close by include Jimbaran, Crystal Bay, Mushroom Bay, and Nusa Dusa. There is no such thing as a bad beach in Bali, unless the weather is not cooperating at the time. Even then, most of the storms will pass through and allow people to get back into the action sooner rather than later.
Do not be afraid to explore all of Bali, time permitting. It is a pretty cheap place to visit and see so much in a relatively short amount of time. The entire island feels like a dream to some people, as there is just so much unique natural beauty in the area. Videos and pictures do not even do it justice, as it consistently ranks as one of the most beautiful places in the entire world.

The Beach of Kuta – Indonesia

The Philippines

Best time to visit The Philippines: November to April

The dry season for the Philippines lines up with a lot of other Southeast Asian countries. For those who want to enjoy quality beach weather and not have to deal with a ton of rain, going sometime between November and April is the way to go. By the end of February until April is considered a very popular time, because it is starting to warm up and allows for the ultimate beach experience for many.
The Philippines has beaches scattered throughout the country for people to enjoy. Everyone will have their personal favourites, but there are only a few that have worldwide recognition when stacked up against beaches from different continents.

Best Beaches in The Philippines: El Nido

The Philippines, in general, tends to get slightly underrated as a country with qualities beaches. Maybe they aren’t advertised as much as some of the others in the region. The gem that is El Nido stacks up well against what any other country offers. Don’t believe it? One trip can change a person’s mind in an instant.
Located on the province of Palawan, it is a bit secluded from other parts of the country. It takes a little bit of effort to get there, but once people do get that opportunity, they are blown away by the beauty. It ranks as one of the best vacation spots in Southeast Asia by frequent travellers, and the location has some of the best beaches in the entire world. People who are visiting will take their time looking around the area and find a few beaches that stand out.

Nacpan Beach

While each beach has its own distinguishing feature, Nacpan Beach is perhaps the most well-rounded of them all. It is located in the northern part of the island, taking about 45 minutes to get there by car or van from the city.
Since it is a bit isolated from the city, it stays relatively peaceful for the most part. More people do make the track during the holiday season, but it still nothing too crazy that people can’t make their way up there any time of the year.
Some people want to enjoy a beach that is a bit away from the hustle and bustle of a typical city. There are some beaches nearby for people who want to have a more party-like atmosphere, but this is more to take in the natural beauty that exists.
Another similar secluded beach is Dolarog Beach. It has some of the best views for sunsets that a person could ask for. Many people come here just to relax, allowing for a very peaceful atmosphere.
People who want a bit of an adventure can also explore the Secret Beach nearby. This beach is very unique in that to get there, a traveller first needs to jump off of a boat. Then, they swim through a hole in a limestone cliff. After swimming through a hole, a secret beach appears, offering seclusion not found anywhere else in the world.
Whatever beautiful beach a person ends up exploring in El Nido, everyone comes away impressed with The Philipinnes. The country has made a lot of improvements over the last few years as it tries to capitalize more and more on tourism. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but in order for them to take it to the next level, there needs to be renewed focus on making sure the infrastructure is there to support all the visitors adequately.

Beautiful Nacpan Beach in Palawan


Best time to visit Singapore: February to October

Anyone planning a trip to Singapore needs to be ready for the heat. This is a country that experiences summer temperatures throughout the year. It gets a good amount of sunshine and escapes some of the more traditional rainy seasons, instead of getting rain pretty consistently throughout the year.
Some people are scared off that it rains roughly 50% of the days throughout the year. What many don’t realize is that on some of these rainy days, it might only rain for a short amount of time. Since it is so warm, it dries up very quickly, and people can go on about their day just fine.
If there is a time to avoid, November, December, and January get the most rain. On average, December is particularly bad, getting some torrential downpours at times that make it very difficult to explore the city or the beaches.
Keep in mind that the city knows how to handle its unique weather better than anyone. They understand that to keep tourists visiting, they need to offer alternatives for people when it rains. There’s plenty to do and see in the country when the weather isn’t ideal.

Best Beaches in Singapore: Pulau Ujang (Singapore Island)

Marina Bay in Singapore with Lion statue

Singapore – the more unique countries in the world

It is a country-city-island, with only a little more than 5 million people living there at all times. There are a total of about 60 islands, but one very populated island known as Pulau Ujang.
Since all the beaches in Singapore are very close, there is an opportunity for tourists to visit multiple locations in a short amount of time. Out of the different beaches available, many seem to gravitate towards Palawan Beach as the most popular of them all.

Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach – World’s Exotic Beaches

The beach is located in the center of Sentosa. Many like how easy it is to access. It also has amazing beauty when looking across the water. It’s the best beach for general swimming, and lounging is pretty secluded as well.
For those who want action and adventure, this is also the location of a waterpark called Port of the Lost World. It is a very popular destination for tourists, as well as locals. Some people who have never visited before might be worried that with a theme park, it is hard to find some seclusion at the beach. It’s big enough that there are options for just about anything a person wants to do.
Anyone looking for a little more seclusion can try browsing some of the other numerous beaches in the country. Lazarus Island is a very popular choice for romantic getaways, honeymoons and more. Changi Beach, Tanjong Beach, and Siloso Beach all make the list as well as spots that people should check out if they want something a little different.
Singapore might be small, but it has prime real estate for some beautiful beaches. Coupled that with very welcoming people found throughout the country, and this is the recipe to a great stop on vacation. It is pretty amazing to see how this country is starting to carve out a spot for themselves as a more prominent player in the tourism industry. It will always be limited a bit by its size, but travellers worldwide are becoming a bit more familiar with what Singapore offers.


Best overall beach weather: November to April

Although it can get pretty cold and dry to the north, most of Myanmar where the beaches are have two distinct seasons. The heavy rain and monsoons are likely to happen in the months of May, June, July, August and September. Once that season ends, weather dries out a bit while still staying warm enough for the beaches. Not only does this make it more comfortable for visiting beaches, but exploring the rest of what Myanmar has to offer.

Myanmar – come to see the stunning views while relaxing on the beaches

Myanmar doesn’t have an extensive list of amazing beaches, but they do have a few worth checking out as part of a trip to the country. There is one in Thandwe that gets considerable attention.

Best Beaches in Myanmar: Thandwe

A major seaport in Rakhine State is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Thandwe as a city has a ton of history associated with the area, and tourists enjoy exploring the city when not on the beach.
The land in Thandwe is also very unique, as the Arakan Mountains expand to the coast. A lot of people are surprised to see the stunning views while relaxing on the beaches and looking around.

Ngapali Beach

Located a little more north than the majority of Southeast Asia beaches to make this list, Ngapali Beach is the most famous of them all in Myanmar. Many love the contrast of the white sand and the turquoise blue water that runs up and down the coast. Since it has grown so much in popularity, they have built up a lot of the surrounding area to offer some local culture as well. This comes in handy if the weather starts not to cooperate. It also works for those just looking for more to do in the area.
Visitors have the opportunity to go kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming and more. It is worth noting though that Myanmar takes skin exposure pretty seriously to this day. Make sure to cover up in public areas, and don’t be visitors that are not respectful to local culture.
Another thing to note is that a lot of the major beaches in Myanmar are still mostly looked over by the industry when it comes to offering tours. For people who want to take some time to visit a beach in the country, it is best to do some of the scheduling themselves.

Picking the best time to book a travel tour for beach enjoyment

A trip to the beach sounds like a great vacation idea, but it can quickly turn into a mess due to poor weather. Southeast Asia is a big enough sub-region that the weather is mostly similar, but when looking at specific dates, it’s important to be as precise as possible.

Look at the Season

Each country has its own very specific dry and rainy seasons, as discussed above. The rainy seasons tend to be warmer and a lot more humid, which makes the beach that much more refreshing. Of course, if dark skies fill the beaches way too often during a vacation, it becomes a nuisance more than anything.

Understand Any Travellng Limitations

Before settling on a specific time of the year, consider the activities, the budget, the available time off, and more. If a vacation must fit into a particular frame of time, look towards the countries and beach locations that work best. It’s better to go a 2nd or 3rd choice for a beach with great weather than a 1st choice beach with storms.
Peak season is more expensive, so if waiting through some rain isn’t an issue, there are opportunities to save some money. Just be aware that some days the rain is so intense that the beaches won’t be useable the entire day.

Talk to Travel and Tour Experts

When in doubt, a lot of travel and tour companies will advise visitors as much as possible to help with making the right decision. Some of these tours can end up costing several thousand dollars, so the last thing a person wants to do is book something at the wrong time. These companies work directly with Southeast Asia every single day, so they know what to expect and how to stay realistic.

Comparing Southeast Asia beaches to Australia beaches

Australians are generally tough critics when it comes to beaches, simply because there are so many great ones in their home country. It takes a lot for a person to be impressed with the beaches, and the majority will not spend much time visiting one unless it is truly great.
There are some pretty significant differences when visiting the beaches in Southeast Asia, compared to the beaches in Australia. For starters, Southeast Asia is the place to find all the deals. Vacationing in some of the most beautiful parts of the world can cost a very low amount, which thoroughly impresses many travellers coming from Australia. Some of the countries that are notorious for being very inexpensive include Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.
Sand and the colour of water in the ocean is also a bit different in certain parts of Southeast Asia. There are a few spots that have as clear of water as anywhere else in the world.
The tourist areas in Southeast Asia are pretty easy to get around, but anything beyond that becomes a bit more difficult. Keep that in mind when trying to get to a secluded beach off the beaten path. Australia is a lot more advanced when it comes to safe, defendable travel, even if a beach or other destination seems secluded.
That is because there is a limited amount of adequate transportation to see more remote areas in countries that are still developing. Australia has better infrastructure to get around.

Final Thoughts on Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia should always be at the top the list for any traveller who loves the beach. Those who are from Australia should look at it as a no-brainer, since it takes very little time to get there by plane.
The variety is what really draws a lot of people. Some beaches are very well-known for surfing, while others have some fantastic snorkelling opportunities. There are always going to be pristine beaches that have water that almost looks too good to be true as well.
It’s perfectly fine for Australians to feel confident about how beautiful their own beaches are, but Southeast Asia has plenty of unique options as well. With some very affordable prices, a trip to the area makes a lot of sense. Turning a beach trip into a full tour vacation makes a lot of sense.

Using AVG To Help With A Beach Vacation

Whether you want a short beach vacation trip to Southeast Asia, or a huge tour, AVG can provide help. Everyone has a different thought on what goes into the perfect vacation getaway to Southeast Asia. Let the company that knows all about the region craft together the best tour possible for one low, all-inclusive price. Visit for more information.

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