Travel to Vietnam: Why people love visiting this country

February 23, 2024

Fast forward to now, and Vietnam is one of the most underrated places to visit not only in Asia but around the world. There is a lot to see and do, and it is fairly easy to reach from the major cities in Australia as well. Having the ability to offer something for everyone is very appealing, and affordability always plays a major role as well. 

Vietnam is famous for several things

Vietnam is famous for several things

These are a few of the major reasons why Asia vacation travel to Vietnam is as popular as ever, and does not seem to be fading any time soon.

Friendly people

Everyone loves visiting locations around the world that have some amiable locals. It is impossible not to interact with locals on any type of traveling trip, and the Vietnamese people are very welcoming to all different races and religions.

Visitors are quick to point out that the Vietnamese people are very easy-going, willing to ask questions to understand different cultures, and generally helpful to all visitors. They can come off as fairly shy at first, but it helps tremendously that most young people can speak English pretty well.

Vietnamese people - friendly and hospitable

Vietnamese people – friendly and hospitable

This makes visiting some of the touristy areas that much more enjoyable. Instead of having to rely on what is hyped up by travel blogs online, people can ask questions that only locals know about. Maybe a very underrated restaurant or cafe is very close, but no one would know about it unless they checked with a local first.

Built for urban exploration

Most of the top Vietnam tours center around pretty big cities. Not everyone loves urban 

exploration, but those who do will notice that they can see so many different things in particular cities by just getting out there and exploring.

Historic buildings in Vietnam

Historic buildings in Vietnam

Every building has a story to tell in Vietnam, whether it be a traditional residential location or right in the heart of downtown. If something looks very interesting while passing by, ask a local if there is any historical significance. Residents and businesses might come and go, but the historic value of a spot lives on.

Cafés are everything

There are cafés designed with just about any theme a person can think of in Vietnam. They are perfect opportunities for people to meet up with others, either casually or for work purposes or to relax. Solo travellers might encounter others in the same scenario, forming an instant bond.

Ban Cong Cafe in Hanoi

Ban Cong Cafe in Hanoi

Take some photos in romantic Ban Cong cafe in our 10 Day Highlights of Vietnam 

In just about every other part of the world, cafés are plentiful as well. However, what sets a lot of cafés apart in Vietnam is that they must stand out in the crowd to survive by going with a theme. That is why a cat café is fairly common in Vietnam, as well as other very niche types of themes.

Always Affordable

No matter what season it is, Vietnam is one of the most affordable locations to visit for people on a budget. Even when compared to a lot of other affordable Asian countries, Vietnam stays very competitive. 

Vietnam is an affordable country to visit

Vietnam is an affordable country to visit

The sticker prices for a lot of different opportunities are low as it is, and the more people start to look for new experiences on their own, the cheaper they can drive prices down as well. It is also very easy to bargain for better rates if a person wants to put in the work.

Getting a place to stay is the most expensive thing, but that can cost $20 a day to get a high-end spot to rest and relax. Travelling is next to nothing, whether a person opts for a bike or a taxi. Food is also very affordable, but people will notice that they might need to order a little more than normal to feel full.

Street food in Vietnam

Not only is traveling there affordable, but moving within the country is pretty convenient. There are trains as well as buses for people to go through the country as quickly as possible. There are also boats available for travel to some of the more remote islands whenever a person wants to give them a try. 

Travel packages are available to cut down on the cost as well. Since they are relatively new to tourism, they were able to build a lot of the infrastructure relatively recently. That means their travel options are reasonably modern.

Vietnamese street food: popular and tasty dishes

Vietnamese street food: popular and tasty dishes

Prices do creep up a bit during peak season, but nothing that is too crazy. Those who are looking for a killer deal will go when things are a little more laid back, and it might be the difference between visiting for just a couple of days and spending an entire week.

Ultimately, business-savvy people in the country are trying to make money, so they will do whatever possible to stay as competitive as possible with others. They are not quite at the point some of the other tourist destinations in other countries where they try to price gauge. It still seems like Vietnam, as a whole, is far off from going that way.

Solid healthcare

Does healthcare matter that much when traveling? While no one wants to test the theory, it is reassuring to know that Vietnam treats visitors very well. If somebody does get hurt while they are visiting, they can get in and out of the hospital fairly quickly.

Just like everything else in the country, medical care is very affordable. People can still invest in travel insurance if they are worried about anything super serious happening, but basic medical care does not cost much at all, even without coverage.

Local charm in every city

Vietnam might be embracing tourism as a culture, but they have not forgotten about their roots. They have been around for over 1000 years, and they take a lot of pride in making sure that their culture is still as prominent as ever.

Hue Imperial Citadel Gate, Vietnam

Hue Imperial Citadel Gate, Vietnam

Architecture is always something that people in Vietnam have taken very seriously. There are temples scattered throughout the country, with local attractions everywhere. The culture of the country heavily influences most of the entertainment. The fine arts have a distinctive look and feel to Vietnam, making pieces slightly different than anywhere else in the world.

During certain holiday seasons, Vietnam does not let people forget easily. They are more than willing to make anything into a celebration, and they are welcoming enough to let outsiders celebrate as well. It is not uncommon for travelers to find themselves in the middle of a festival in Vietnam, depending on what time of year they end up visiting.

Finally, food and beverages are taken a lot more seriously than some people realize. It might initially seem like all Vietnamese food is the same, but there are some distinctive dishes in the north and the south. Even big cities have their unique dishes to try out.

As for beverages, beer is also very localized. What might be extremely popular in Hanoi could be replaced with something different in Saigon or Halong Bay.

Plenty of caves

Much like Vietnam’s surprising reputation for urban exploration, quite a few people are surprised by just how many cave opportunities are available in the country. There is an extensive list for people who want to explore on their own and see something that just is not possible in many other locations.

Some of the most famous caves are located in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. There are over 300 options, and a few of the biggest caves in the world are right here. Many of them have been explored, but the biggest of them all is the Son Doong Cave. 

It is not going to be available to explore to just anyone unless the person is willing to spend roughly $4000-$5000. More affordable options include Paradise Cave, Phong Nha Cave and Hang En for those wanting to make the trek.

Ha Long Bay Thien Cung Cave, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay Thien Cung Cave, Vietnam

Keep in mind that some of these caves are located in pretty remote areas of Vietnam, so it might take some time to get to the location specifically. Do not be afraid to spend a little bit of money to save time so that it is not wasted traveling to and from certain caves.

Unique food and portions

A traveling highlight for anyone to a different country is the food. Vietnam is no different, as there are plenty of street fairs for people who want to experience something different for the first time.

Hanoi Food Spring Rolls

Hanoi Food Spring Rolls

What people notice is that the food is fairly healthy in Vietnam for the most part. They can keep things relatively healthy because they use natural ingredients, and portions are pretty low as well. 

This could lead to people needing to order more food as a visit because they might not be used to portions too small. Since most of the food is located on the streets, it also keeps people active by burning calories while they eat on the go.

Combining a Vietnam trip with other countries

Vietnam is a pretty long country, and it connects to some popular tourist destinations as well. Laos, Cambodia and China are three countries that are generally considered the most popular to visit along with a trip to Vietnam. Some people look at bigger Asia vacation tours or combine them with an Asia vacation Japan package as an add-on.

Once a person gets to Vietnam, they might want to visit a few other countries as well, and getting to these areas is not that difficult. Those in charge of tourism in Vietnam understand that many people might be looking to combine their trips, so they bend over backwards to make sure that the opportunity is there. 

Vietnam neighboring countries: Laos, Cambodia and China

Vietnam neighboring countries: Laos, Cambodia and China

Even if a person only spends a little bit of time in Vietnam in combination with a more extensive Asia vacation elsewhere, it is still their goal to make things as memorable as possible.

The future of Asian vacation travel Vietnam

Vietnam has certainly morphed into a fordable travel destination, and it seems like they are built for the future as well. They have worked on making travel as efficient as possible within the country, and new hotspots are built all the time.

Vietnam is worth visiting

Vietnam is worth visiting

Vietnam has some amazing weather during certain times of the year. The way the country is spread out, certain locations within Vietnam have vastly different climates as well. This makes it a tourist destination 12 months out of the year, as long as people know what part of Vietnam to head to during certain times.

It would not be shocking at all to see Vietnam continue to rise in popularity. It has just about everything a traveler could want, and the prices are nearly unbeatable. They might start to become more popular, but it is nothing too crazy anytime soon.

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