After Covid-19, make sure to enjoy the best adventurous trip holidays that make you feel Australian

August 17, 2020

Don’t you know how lucky we are to be living in Australia? 

The one and only country where there are thousands of uncrowded pretty beaches, rainforests with unique birdsong that drowns out any human chatter, glistening rivers where dolphins live in, and a deep red outback where the spirit of Australia is palpable. Not to mention the most amazing feeling is being a king on an amazing road trip across Australia. You will not only be able to explore the majestic natural landscapes that Australia has to offer but also get to know many cultural and historical places. 

Therefore, take note of these incredible road trips and pack your sense of adventure and national pride as you set off on one of these epic Aussie road trips.


A Big Lap in Australia - Aussie road trip

True to its name, The Big Lap (big race) is one of the major roads around Australia. The Big Lap stretches about 15000km, connecting 7 famous cities and the coastlines of Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Broome, Perth, Esperance, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart. Australia’s most beautiful driveway will take you from sleepless cities, shimmering with electric lights and high-rise buildings to calm coastal towns, past lush green forests and endless white sand beaches as well. Some places not to be missed on The Big Lap are Uluru Sacred Mountain, Alice Hot Spring and Kakadu National Park.


The Great Ocean Road Asia Vacation Group

People around the world are travelling to Australia for an opportunity to experience the Great Ocean Road but not all Aussies have completed this famous road. The Great Ocean Road is one of the most fantastic self-driving roads in Kangaroo, stretching on the south coast from Torquay to Allansford, Victoria. Only when being there by yourself and enjoying the magnificent natural scenery endowed on the road with your own eyes will you understand why this road trip is so desirable by foreign travellers.


Gibb River Road Aussie trip

Built in the 1960s to transport cattle, the 660km Gibb River Road cuts across Western Australia from Derby to Wyndham. This self-driving driveway in Australia has become especially popular among travellers for its wildlife nature. On the Gibb River Road, you will be able to admire the rich cattle ranches, ancient canyons and majestic waterfalls, or sacred sites and artistic markings of aboriginal people on the rock… However, be mindful that fuel costs at Gibb River Road are quite expensive, and that there are two gas stations along the way at Imintji and Mt Barnett.


East Coast Tasmania road trip

From the historic city of Hobart to the Bay of Fires, Tasmania’s East Coast will bring you along the long coast, passing St Helens, Swansea and Bicheno. Possessing perfect tranquility, Tasmania’s East Coast will lead you to interesting places such as uninhabited beaches, lovely wildlife habitat, fine cheese and wineries class.


Cairns To Cape York road trip

This 1000 km Australia self-driving driveway begins in Cairns, the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and ends in the north (Cape York). Crossing the red land with a rich confluence and a lush rainforest, the Cairns to Cape York route leads to Wet Tropics, a landmark that owns two world heritage sites, the Reef and the Daintree. Don’t miss the Quinkan rock art exhibition – which showcases a 30,000-year-old stone collection.


across Pinnacles dessert on an Aussie road trip

Less than 1,200 km, the road from Perth to Ningaloo will take you along the beautiful Coral Coast past Cervantes, Geraldton, Monkey Mia and Carnarvon. Will the vibrant landscape of the Indian Ocean combined with the remote, secluded and arid land make your road trip more enjoyable? Let’s indulge in the enchanting beauty of nature in the Pinnacles Desert, World Heritage Shark Bay or Kalbarri National Park.


across Gippsland on an Aussie road trip

The Great Alpine Road is one of Australia’s self-driving roads with quite easy access to the widest range of natural landscapes, from deep mountain ranges and valleys to the wine regions and sparkling waterways of the country at the Gippsland Lakes region. Alternating in them are towns with exotic histories including Beechworth, Bright, and Omeo. Starting from Wangaratta in the northeast, this trip stretches for about 500 km through the Victorian highlands to Metung town in the Gippsland Lake area.


Savannah Way Road Trip Aussie Travel

Crossing 15 national parks and 5 wonders of the world, The Savannah Way is Australia’s most beautiful east to west road. On this road trip, you will absolutely be amazed at everything from the tropical jungles to the stretches of green grass, from the secluded cattle ranches to the majestic waterfalls.


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