Launched in 2015 by founder David Dao, Asia Vacation Group (AVG) is becoming a leading Asia travel agency, hosting premium all-inclusive Asia tours to popular destinations including Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Japan. With offices in Australia and the United Kingdom, we are able to cater to the most sophisticated needs of our beloved customers. AVG takes pride in delivering the top tier quality services by working with professional Tour Operators and Service Providers. Together with our prestigious partners, we capture the quintessence of every destination and create the most exceptional Asia trip for you. With the indigenous boundless knowledge of our escorts, your Asian journey will encounter serial surprises.


As a professional travel agency specializing in all-inclusive Asia tours, Asia Vacation Group is committed to providing complete satisfaction, profession staff attitude and only the best service quality for our customers. Customer Oriented Aiming to be the best Asia travel agency, we take all customers’ inquiries seriously and usually respond within 2 business days. Sometimes it only takes a few hours. If you ever have any questions, comments or issues, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you in no time! Environmental Responsibility While helping travellers to explore this world, we make sure no extra burden is being added to the environment. We only offer tours that stay within our ethical standards such as no harm is caused for animals, natural resources, etc. Having taken care of thousands of passengers, we are proud to fully meet ethical standards while exceeding customers’ expectation. Integrity Asia Vacation Group respects the privacy of our customers and promises to do our utmost to ensure your information is secured. We always keep our customers informed, be transparent with policies and charges. In fact, any personal information provided by customers will not be used for any purposes other than fulfilling the requested services and products. Listen To create long-term relationships between Asia Vacation Group and customers, all complaints will be handled without any bias to ensure fairness. With the willingness to listen, connect and support customers at any time, we want you as our customers to stay comfortable when doing business with us. Innovation We always make frequent changes to flexibly satisfy our customers. We are also searching and updating regularly a lot of interesting activities and destinations. Learning and improving service quality from your feedback is our chance to lead the tourism industry.

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