5 short vacation getaways in Asia ideas

Aug 04, 2020

One of the beauties of modern travel these days is that there are more opportunities for shorter trips. Even those going from Australia to Asia can find a quick getaway opportunity for a few days, the weekend, or whatever fits into the schedule.

Of course, picking the right location for short vacation getaways in Asia is the key. Most people will have specific destinations in mind, and they know exactly what they want to see and do during that time.

What are the five best short vacation getaways in Asia? Depending on what the person is into, these spots are broken into sections. Some people want a weekend getaway destination that is all about the beach, while others want to see history more than anything.

Best short getaway for beach lovers

Phuket, Thailand

Truth be told, there are a lot of great beaches scattered throughout Asia. Bali is perhaps the most well-known, and there are a few spots in the Philippines that are inexpensive and very relaxing. However, the best value for shorter trips is Phuket in Thailand. It has a reputation as a party area, but there is so much more than any person can have fun there.

James Bond Island Beach, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

James Bond Island Beach – Thailand

Headline by Patong Beach, Phuket has so many different areas to explore that are pretty close by. There are opportunities to go right into the heart of where everyone else is visiting, but some people will opt for a more secluded area as well. No matter what beach a person ultimately decides on to spend time, they can always make it into the heart of the touristy area relatively easily.

Virtually any water activity a person can think of is all easily accessible in the area. Surfing is huge here, and just about any water sport, in general, is played. Fishing opportunities and exploring to see different wildlife is also pretty popular, as there are so many different tours just a few seconds away from booking.

At night, Phuket comes alive as a place to party. If a person is into that, this is one beach location that always has something going on. Travellers from all over the world are also looking to party, so it makes for some exciting nights during a short stay.

Overall, Phuket is great for the individual traveller as well as the family. It is unfair to typecast the area for one particular thing, since it is exceptionally well-rounded.

Best short trip for city lovers on a budget

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok might be in the same country as Phucket Island, but the vibe is totally different. This is a city that is pretty easy to get to from Australia, and it is one of the best values out there for people to take advantage of.

River bridge sunset aerial, included in tours offered by Asia Vacation Group

River bridge – Bangkok – Thailand

The first thing that people will notice when they visit Bangkok is that the prices are extremely low for everything. Whether a person is looking to take in many types of activities or just doing some shopping, it is pretty easy to do a lot and stay under budget. That is what gives it the edge for a short trip over other spectacular cities in Asia like Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, and more.

History is all around Bangkok as well, allowing people to see one of the flagship cities on the entire continent. They have made themselves very attractive to visitors from all of the globe, and there is plenty of English for people to get by when visiting.

For a short getaway, Bangkok makes a lot of sense. It is easy to fly into, the weather is fairly tolerable throughout the year, and it never feels like it is too packed even during peak times.

Best three day or less trip for a mix of history and culture

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Known as the location for Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia is a perfect place to escape to for some history, culture, and overall learning. Seeing Angkor Wat up close and personal is impossible to replicate online, but there is so much more to this area than just that. Many people will try to interact with locals, as Cambodians are very eager to share their culture and talk to travellers if they want.

Bayon_temple-Siem_Reap-Cambodia is included in Cambodia tours offered by Asia Vacation Group.


Bayon temple Siem Reap Cambodia

It might be a little spread out when some people look at the map, but it is a tourist area that has invested in making sure that visitors will be able to get to where they want to be. There are thousands of temples to check out in the vicinity, which can seem extremely overwhelming. It is pretty easy to see a lot of different things in just a couple of days when visiting.

What makes us a great short trip is that Siem Reap is a bit isolated from other hotspots in Asia. Having the ability to stay in one area and soak in everything at once can really be a true game-changer in travelling.

Best underrated short trip to Asia

Hanoi, Vietnam

It might seem a bit of a shocker to some that the capital of Vietnam is overlooked, but it does not always make a list for great travel destinations. There are a few spots in Vietnam people like to travel to, but the capital has that mixture of city life and history that makes it a perfect short getaway.

At least part of the time needs to be spent in the city, and specifically the Old Quarter. This is where a lot of visitors head to in order to take in some great shopping in a centralized area. Outside of the city are some historic landmarks and buildings that capture the attention of visitors coming from anywhere.

Food is also something that Hanoi takes very seriously. Vietnamese food is very unique, and there are differences in different parts of the country as well. Not only can a person land some great local food, but just about any other type of food is available in the city. Is it going to trump some of the truly major cities in Asia? Probably not, but it is an affordable way to see a country that is on the rise. Vietnam is turning into more and more of a tourist destination, and Hanoi is a beautiful leader in showing what this country can do going forward.

Best short trip to a major city with no price restrictions

Tokyo, Japan

If the goal on this shorter trip is to see one city in Asia that has it all, Tokyo is the spot. Many will argue that Tokyo can’t be appreciated in just a short amount of time, and that is true to a certain extent. That does not mean a person can’t have a lot of fun and see many different things on this trip, and then possibly plan a trip in the future as well.



Sensoji Temple is included in Japan tours offered by Asia Vacation Group.


Sensoji Temple Tokyo Japan

Since Tokyo is such a huge city, getting to the city is not hard at all from Australia. Upon arrival, people can pretty much choose their own adventure. Someone to come and see the biggest city in the world, and just getting caught up in the hustle and bustle can make for some exciting times. Others want to escape to some of the more tranquil spots in the city, and there are opportunities to do that as well.

Tokyo is a bit expensive compared to most of Asia, but it is a city that is on just about anyone’s list for travelling. If the right deal shows up, it is worth a short trip to get a taste. Most people are left wanting more, but it is hard to top for people who enjoy travelling to major cities.

Planning a short vacation

Before ultimately taking off, it is important to know a few tips before planning to go to any of the destinations above. There are countless websites out there that talk about short trip recommendation options, but other basics are essential as well.

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Where can I get a cheap weekend getaway?

The best way to find a cheap getaway during the weekend is to go during non-peak times. Certain weekends are always going to be very popular, and those are usually centred around holidays. It might be tempting to find relaxing holiday destinations in Asia, but it is going to come at a premium price.

Looking for non-traditional options can also keep the price down. A place that is up-and-coming instead of an established destination will cost a little bit less.

How much time is needed for a short vacation getaway?

Most people will put short getaways at two or three days. There are even some people who will say that a one day trip is a short getaway, but that is pushing it a bit when travelling to an entirely different climate.

When people ask, where should I go for a 3 day vacation? It is going to be different than when people ask where should I go for a 2 day trip?, or where should I go for a one day trip? The more limited the time, the less chance there is to do multiple activities. For example, a major city with lots of things to do might be better for a big trip, while a vacation to a beach or a more secluded area might fit into a very tight schedule.

Is it difficult to get to parts of Asia on short notice?

The major cities have pretty easy access from Australia, as long as a person is taking off from one of the major airports in the country. Where people run into some difficulty is if they want to visit some more secluded areas in Asia. By the time a person flies into the nearest airport and travels to get to the final destination, they have wasted a lot of time. It does not necessarily fit into short trips all that well.

Can multiple locations fit into a short trip?

A couple of days in Asia might not seem like much time, but there are ways to go on very short trips and see multiple locations at once. It involves a lot of planning and maybe even booking a package deal to make everything work, but this is perfect for those people who are busy and want to make the most of even a short trip.

Make sure to target areas that have other hotspots close by. This is not the time to go to off the beaten path areas, as it is going to take a lot of time to get there and then back to a place to continue travelling.

Look for cities that are a bit on the inexpensive side as well, because travelling can start to add up pretty quickly. It costs even more money to travel quickly, as people usually want to save as much time as possible to actually do things instead of riding on a train, in a car, or something else.

Is it worth going on a short trip to Asia, coming from Australia?

In an ideal world, people would have countless vacation days to use whenever they want. However, that just does not work like that in real life. People have to deal with what they have available to them, and that might just mean a few days to go on vacation.

If planned properly, a short trip to Asia is totally worth it. It is not recommended to go on a whim without any plan, simply because it takes a lot of time to get acclimated to the area and figure things out. With a plan, things can go a lot more quickly, and people can jump right into the fun as soon as they land at the airport.